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Peugeot Car-2-Europe Program

About The Peugeot Car2Europe Program


Very similar to car rental in Europe , it allows you to benefit from a new vehicle during your stay for a period of up to 175 days (6 months)* with a minimum of 30 days.

By opting for a Temporary Transit (TT) car reservation , you can now organize your tailor-made stay in Europe and take possession of your car in the city of your choice (20 delivery and return centers throughout Europe).

Important note: Please book well in advance.

Registration papers should be filled out and returned to Auto France, Inc. at least four weeks prior to collection date of your car. Additional time may be required if you are collecting outside of France. It may be possible to arrange a buy back on short notice, please call us toll-free at 1-800-572-9655 for more information.

*Students, teachers, trainees and missionaries can book a buy back for longer than 175 days. Please call us toll-free at 1-800-572-9655 for details and to obtain the appropriate documentation.


Who is eligible to register for a Buy Back Lease?

  • You must be a non-European Union resident (E.U. citizens living outside the E.U. can take advantage of the Buy Back program).
  • Must be over 18 years of age. No age maximum.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license from country of residence (U.S)


Who is permitted to drive the vehicle?

The leaseholder (whose name is on the registration) and the leaseholder’s immediate family (spouse, ascendants and descendants) may drive the vehicle if they satisfy the requirements to hold a lease themselves, such as being of the minimum age and having residency outside of the European Union.

Other individuals such as friends and non-immediate family may also drive the vehicle as long as the lease holder is present and the individual also satisfies the requirements to hold a lease as stated above.

All Peugeot Car2Europe rates include:

  • A brand new Peugeot direct from the factory.
  • Full vehicle insurance coverage including third party liability and theft.
  • Full factory warranty.
  • Unlimited kilometers.
  • 24 hour Peugeot roadside assistance.
  • Full comprehensive insurance with no excess (zero deductible).
  • No extra driver charges
  • No Airport Fees


Peugeot Cancellation Policy

Applicable Cancellation Charges for Peugeot Open Europe:

  • Cancel more than 30 days before pickup: NO cancelation fee
  • Cancel less than 30 days before pickup and no registration: 300 euro cancelation fee
  • Cancel less than 30 days before pickup but with registration: 1000 euro cancelation fee
  • No Show: 1000 euro

**When cancelling less than 30 days in advance, we will advise of the cancellation penalty within two business days of the cancellation request. The cancellation penalty is based on a change in French law which does not allow registration of a vehicle to be made invalid for short term leasing. The lease vehicle once registered can no longer be considered a new vehicle and incurs a cancel penalty of 1000 euro.

Peugeot Early Return Policy

The following terms apply if you return your vehicle early.

  • Initial contract must be for more than 30 days.
  • Return must be 7 days or more before the contracted Return Date.
  • Client must request refund from Auto France, Inc.
  • There will be no refund less than the 30-day rate.

Please be advised the rate structure on a Peugeot buy back is one rate for the first 30 day period and an additional charge for each additional day. If you require further details of the possible refund for shortening your lease, contact Auto France, Inc.

Special Note:

Once Auto France, Inc. receives confirmation of availability from the manufacturer, contracts will be drawn up and supplied to you (the leaseholder) which takes approx 1-2 business days from the point of order. In the event that we are unable to get the vehicle model you ordered, you will be notified of our proposed model substitute in order to determine if you would still like to proceed with the booking