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Car Rental Lisbon - LIS Airport


Once home to some of the world’s greatest explorers, Lisbon is Europe’s second oldest capital after Athens. Lisbon captivates travelers with its white-bleached limestone buildings, intriguing alleyways, and mild climate making it a popular destination to visit year round. Built upon seven hills that overlook the Rio Teja, one can be sure to experience breathtaking views from every angle. Gothic cathedrals, spectacular monasteries, and inviting museums all celebrate the history and culture of Lisbon’s vibrant cityscape. Explore just outside of Lisbon and discover the enchanted scenery of Sintra, stunning beaches, and traditional fishing villages.


Long Term Car Rental Lisbon


Auto France has been providing a unique long term car rental solution in Lisbon since 1991 in partnership with French auto manufacturer Peugeot. The Peugeot package by AutoFrance is a unique take on renting a car in Lisbon in that we provide a brand new (never driven) vehicle for every customer. We don't mean "Like new", it is quite literally from the factory floor. The vehicles are delivered to Lisbon airport in advance of your arrival therefore the paperwork and arrangements must be done well before showing up to grab the keys. The result is nothing short of awesome when you arrive to LIS airport and are greeted with that new car smell after simply showing your passport and signing off.


The entire process of picking up your car rental at Lisbon airport is actually faster and easier than a regular car rental and you won’t be badgered at the counter by a sales rep trying to squeeze insurance coverage out of you. Have a peak at our Lisbon airport PDF in advance, it outlines the procedures for picking up and returning vehicles to Lisbon LIS airport along with contact information and operating hours for the local agent.


The average duration for a long term car rental in Lisbon is 53 days however the contracts can range from 21-365 days in length, your choice. One thing remains constant, each contract comes with a zero deductible full insurance policy built into the price up front which allows you and your loved ones to drive fully protected not only in Portugal, but throughout Europe. Lastly, the program is designed specifically for U.S residents traveling to Europe so the additional perk to your pocket is that the whole system is designed to be Tax-Free as you are not subject to VAT tax based on the contracts technical designation as being a "temporary lease" AKA French Buy Back Lease or TT Lease.


Top 3 Things To Note For Picking Up Your Peugeot Car Rental at Lisbon Airport:

  • If you plan on driving a decent distance as soon as you retrieve your vehicle, be sure to choose the optional “full tank of fuel” during the booking process ahead of time. All vehicles come with ¼ tank of fuel by default therefore it’d be wise to fuel up in advance if you think you’ll need it.

  • Be sure to provide your arrival flight information OR your estimated pickup time either during online booking process or at least the week prior to picking up your vehicle. This will ensure a smooth start to your trip as the agents will arrange their schedule for you.

  • Download the location detail PDF and print it out to bring with you, you never know how your electronics will perform as soon as you enter a new country so it’ll make life less stressful if you have a hard copy.  We will also email you this PDF ahead of time in case you forget.


Top 3 Things To Note For Returning Your Peugeot Car Rental at Lisbon Airport:

  • Be sure to call or email the agent at Lisbon airport at least 1-2 days prior to returning your vehicle in order to allow them time to add you to their calendar and to ensure you understand the quick process of dropping off the keys securely.

  • Be sure to clear your vehicle of any rubbish or accumulated dirt, no need for an expensive detail - just treat it as you would like your vehicle to be treated.

  • No need to fill the tank with fuel, the AutoFrance Peugeot program does not mandate any fuel policies- just make sure you can make it across the finish line without a push.


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