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15 Cool and Unique Places to Stay in France

15 Cool and Unique Places to Stay in France

If you prefer an experience and not just an average hotel-stay when traveling, the following list is sure to inspire some serious wanderlust. Each accommodation is off the beaten track, and are most easily reached by car. Read on and learn about some of France’s most unique places to stay.

1. A Treehouse in La Tour d’Auvergne

At six meters off the ground with two terraces, Les Cabanes de Volcans is a unique and private setting in the treetops that lets its guests enjoy nature with the comforts of a true cabin.

Au Brendezï Les Cabanes de Volcans – $168/night, 2.5 hours from Lyon, France


2. A Floating Village in Pressac

Each floating cabin is like your own personal island in the Ponteil Lake, with some sized just for couples and others for whole families. Life on the lake is quiet and peaceful, where guests can fish, race model sailboats, or go for a swim in the pool.

Village Flottant Pressac – $148/night, 2 hours from Bordeaux, France


3. A Cottage in Provence

Surrounded by fields of lavender, this Bed & Breakfast offers a serene setting to take in the beauty of the French countryside. The interior is clean and comfortable and guests can relax in the sun by the pool or enjoy modern amenities like Wifi and cable TV.

Bed & Breakfast en Provence – $114/night, 1.5 hours from Marseille, France


4. An Igloo and Chalet in Chamonix

If you think you might like the idea of sleeping in an igloo but aren’t ready to fully commit, this property is a good way to try it out. Complete with an indoor fireplace, the chalet has room for 8 guests right on the slopes in Chamonix.

Igloo tout confort a Chamonix Mont Blanc – $149/night, 2 hours from Lyon, France


5. A Train Car in Landeyrat

This converted train car has a spacious interior and the original exterior has been restored. Located on farmland that produces famous Auvergne cheeses, guests can enjoy nearby hikes, horseback riding, and waterfalls.

Wagon des estives Gîte insolite – $132/night, 3 hours from Lyon, France


6. A Hobbit house in Lavaurette

Inspired by the Hobbit house in JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, this unique accommodation is buried into the hillside while still offering amenities like Wifi, a private pool, hot tub, hammam, and fitness area.

La maison Troglodyte Hobbit – $102/night, 1 hour from Toulouse, France


7. A Windmill in Margaux

Ideal for gazing over the vineyards of Margaux, this apartment in a converted windmill can comfortably host two guests. Complete with romantic gardens, a swimming pool, and rest area with a hammock, guests can relax and enjoy the beauty of the property and neighboring town.

Appartement dans un Moulin – $179/night, 40 minutes from Bordeaux, France


8. A Treehouse in Raray

Complete with luxury linens, bathrobes, and a Nordic hot tub, this treehouse sits 10 meters above the ground and is a romantic retreat for two guests. Though the treehouse is secluded and private, guests can enjoy the comforts of the nearby Chateau de Raray restaurant and golf course.

Romantic Tree House – $309/night, 1 hour from Paris, France


9. A Plane in St. Michel Chef Chef

Located just two minutes from the beach, this accommodation is both unique and convenient.  The plane has been converted to host up to four guests, including a renovated bathroom in the cockpit.

Sleep in a plane in St. Michel Chef Chef – $107/night, 40 minutes from Nantes, France


10. A Cave in Cotignac

For a truly unforgettable experience, this cave-with-a-view is described by past guests as “enchanting”, “magical”, and “breathtaking”. Located just 200 meters from the center of town, the cave is a spacious retreat that will make you feel like you have traveled back in time.

Maison troglodyte dan la falaise de tuff – $120/night, 1.5 hours from Nice, France 


11. A Bubble in Combloux

Sleep under the stars with a view of Mont Blanc in a comfortable, temperature-controlled bubble tent. Feel connected to nature while taking in the beauty of this romantic getaway in the mountains.

Nuit Nature la Tête dans le Étoiles – $400/night, 1 hour from Geneva, Switzerland


12. A 10th Century Church in Brantôme

Experience the charming countryside in a historic setting and spend the night in a beautifully restored 10th century church. Complete with a kitchenette, the independent studio can accommodate two guests that can enjoy the tranquility of the property which is near Brantôme’s restaurants, shops, and activities.

Studio in a 10th Century Church – $36/night, 2 hours from Bordeaux, France


13. A Shepherd’s Hut in Châtillon sur Marne

Also known to travelers as a “gypsy caravan”, a shepard’s hut is a minimalist’s dream when looking for unique accommodations in Europe. The interior is furnished using natural wood, giving the feeling of a cabin in the tranquil outdoors.

Roulotte du Moulin de l’Etang – $144/night, 1.5 hours from Paris, France


14. A Dome in Labastide de Penne

For those with nothing to hide, a stay in a glass dome with floor-to-ceiling-to-floor windows is sure to leave you with magical memories of a night under the stars. The dome comes with a detached, private and enclosed bathroom and access to a terrace, hot tub, and Japanese garden.

Le gouttes d’eau: le dome – $162/night, 1 hour from Toulouse, France


15. A nest in Fondettes

Travelers who want a unique experience but don’t want to stray too far from modern comforts can find the perfect balance while staying in a nest on the grounds of a chateau. The unit is not temperature controlled so the best time of year to visit is June-October, and guests can enjoy common areas, tennis courts, and a heated pool.

Cabane dans les arbres du parc d’un château – $120/night, 2 hours from Nantes, France


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