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Lyon Saint-Exupery






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Long Term Car Rentals/Car Leases Lyon 

It is no wonder Lyon has been listed as a UNESCO world heritage site. With a recorded history of over 2000 years, one can visit everything from Gallo-Roman influences through to the Renaissance and into the birth of modern day Cinema. A city known for great food and wine, dancing, and fine silk, the people of Lyon have made an outline of life’s great pleasures for other cities to follow. You can find beautifully interwoven parks throughout the cityscape designed to make nature and city life balance perfectly. After a long day of driving in Lyon (or driving to Lyon) you can park your Auto France Peugeot lease and take advantage of the beautiful paths designed for bicycles which can be rented around the city. Lyon is geographically situated in a convenient fashion making a drive to Paris less than five hours, a drive to Barcelona six hours, and a drive to Geneva less than two.

For Long Term Rates (21-175 Days)

Auto France has been providing car leases and long term car rentals in Lyon since 1991. Much of what we've learned about various locations was provided to us by long-time, loyal car rental clients. All tips related to leasing a car in Lyon are very much appreciated. We also urge our clients to share pictures and stories with us, we'd love to include them in our car rental blog.  

Short Term Car Rental Europe

Short Term Rental Car in Lyon

Looking for a short term car rental in Lyon? As of 2017, we are happy to introduce short term Peugeot rentals in Lyon with the same exact all-inclusive benefits you would expect from the long term Peugeot lease program with Auto France.

Simply choose your dates (as few as 5 days) and see the discount apply to your Lyon car rental rate during the quote process automatically, no coupon code needed.

Short Term Car Rental Europe