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Long Term Car Rental/Car Leases Nantes:

The history of Nantes can hardly be described in a few sentences. From being the slave capital of France to having a significant role in the French Revolution, a night in Nantes would only give you small glimpse into its origins. In 1598, King Henry IV of France signed the “Edict of Nantes” giving religious freedom to the once oppressed Protestant church. The movement was said to foster freedom of thought and furthermore make Nantes a location known for innovation and advance. The move was later overturned and the strong middle class that had once been, was dispersed throughout Europe as inhabitants sought religious freedom. Today, Nantes has regained its position at the world table as it holds a culture of a technology driven industry. Choosing a short term car lease in Nantes with Auto France’s Peugeot Open Europe plan is a rewarding experience and help with any day trips should you decide to use Nantes as your central Hub. Use the Download Map link above to see why getting a Peugeot long term car rental in Nantes, France is made easy with the service’s 6:00am-10:00pm weekday and weekend schedule.

For Long Term Rates (21-175 Days)

Auto France has been providing car leases and long term car rentals in Nantes since 1991. Much of what we've learned about various locations was provided to us by long-time, loyal car rental clients. All tips related to leasing a car in Nantes are very much appreciated. We also urge our clients to share pictures and stories with us, we'd love to include them in our car rental blog.  

Short Term Car Rental Europe

Short Term Rental Car in Nantes

Looking for a short term car rental in Nantes? As of 2017, we are happy to introduce short term Peugeot rentals in Nantes with the same exact all-inclusive benefits you would expect from the long term Peugeot lease program with Auto France.

Simply choose your dates (as few as 5 days) and see the discount apply to your Nantes car rental rate during the quote process automatically, no coupon code needed.

Short Term Car Rental Europe