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Car Rental Marseille Peugeot Delivery Center

Long Term Car Rentals/Car Leases Marseille

With over 26 centuries (yes centuries, not decades) of history, Marseille is the oldest city in France and second in terms of population behind Paris. The odds of good driving weather are forever in your favor with an average of 300 days per year of pure sunshine. Our Peugeot Open Europe clients return to Marseille year after year to pick up a French car lease at what they tell us is one of our best locations to get a long term car rental in Europe. There is no shortage of history soaked architecture or cultural landmarks and visiting Marseille can take you in a unique direction on every visit. If you are looking for something a little more fast paced, take a first time divers course in the waters where Captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau pioneered some of the first primitive dive equipment. However, if you would rather look at water from high ground, a short drive in Marseille can bring you to a popular network of trails and climbing hills (Marseilleveyre). Regardless of the journey ,a brand new Peugeot Lease from Auto France will be a welcomed travel partner.

For Long Term Rates (21-175 Days)

Auto France has been providing car leases and long term car rentals in Marseille since 1991. Much of what we've learned about various locations was provided to us by long-time, loyal car rental clients. All tips related to leasing a car in Marseille are very much appreciated. We also urge our clients to share pictures and stories with us, we'd love to include them in our car rental blog.  

Short Term Car Rental Europe

Short Term Rental Car in Marseille

Looking for a short term car rental in Marseille? As of 2017, we are happy to introduce short term Peugeot rentals in Marseille with the same exact all-inclusive benefits you would expect from the long term Peugeot lease program with Auto France.

Simply choose your dates (as few as 5 days) and see the discount apply to your Marseille car rental rate during the quote process automatically, no coupon code needed.

Short Term Car Rental Europe