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Peugeot Car2Europe Reviews & Testimonials



Since 1991, Auto France has been providing U.S residents with the best alternative to car rentals while they travel Europe, but don't just take our word for it.

Thanks, AUTO FRANCE! We have rented twice from AutoFrance (ex-Geneva and ex-Milan Malpensa) and have a third reservation for this year ex-Basel. It's such a fabulous service. The cars are great, the price is right, the service excellent, and most of all it eliminates the worry about what's waiting for us--or not--when we get to a regular car rental counter. My only complaint is the car we initially request is never available and we always are offered an "upgrade" long before our arrival because of issues with factory availability, but Peugeot's such a great car it hasn't mattered. Wish they were sold and served in the States!
Suzanne Hoffman
Oct. 30, 2023 - If you’re planning on an extended stay in Europe, AutoFrance is a great alternative to the traditional rental agencies. Pick up and drop off is very straightforward. The cars are brand new Peugeots. We’ve rented three times and will do so again
Derek L.
Nov. 3, 2023 - I have been using the Auto France buy-back program twice a year for 15 years (except for the Covid years). I recommend the service to anyone in North America I know planning a trip to Europe.
Ron S.

Carmel, CA

Oct 31, 2023 - We've used AutoFrance for over 20 years , nearly every summer and they are THE BEST!!! Always amazing service, Great Cars, and the office back here in the U.S. really care about helping us to get the best car for the best price. We have a home overseas so it has been a huge game-changer for us to have AutoFrance as our "go-to" car rent/lease provider! We plan to use them for another 20 years! They're the BEST!
B. Goodman

Evanston, IL

Oct. 31, 2023 - We use Auto France every year, and their service is impeccable. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing a car in Europe for a month or more.
Dan M.

Hastings, NE

Oct. 2, 2023 - It is so easy to get a new car from this company. It is the 3rd time I use Auto France when I go to France and each time it was flawless. Highly professional, I recommend them highly and will use them again when I do back to Europe.
Jean-Claude L.

Sarasota, FL

Oct. 5, 2023 - I have leased a long term rental car with Auto France for several years now and they have always been very helpful and accommodating. Five stars for outstanding customer service, clear concise billing practices and their counterpart in France (Peugeot) has provided comfortable and reliable cars. Their prices are competitive. Only once did I have to change the dates and it was too easy. I have earned a free tank of gas as a return customer and that is a very nice benefit. Best yet is they respond when you contact them and can actually talk to a very nice and helpful person if you need to!


Oct. 6, 2023 - Everything and everyone is so friendly and helpful which provides an excellent experience.
Peter E.


Dear team. Just a big thank you for all your hard work in making this years trip possible. 2021 marks the 5th time we’ve taken advantage of arranging a vehicle from your wonderful program. As usual, the vehicle was ready and waiting for us at CDG. The picture above shows our friends in St. Jacques, Brittany celebrating July 4th 2021 the American way. We supplied tee shirts, flags and party accessories to really show how thankful we where to be there. Again, thanks for making this happen. Simon and Sunny Roe Gastonia, NC
Simon Roe

Gastonia, NC

My friend had broken his wrist while climbing a 900-meter peak in the Dolomites and we had to sleep in a cave. It was 35°F and we didn’t have enough food. Lying there, miserable, all we wanted was to get back to our Peugeot 308. In our month-long climbing trip, we were constantly on the move and our car was our home. It gave us infinite freedom and so little of what we experienced would have been possible without it. We could travel wherever we wanted when we had to flee bad weather at a moment’s notice (in our case, to Venice, Munich, Milan and Switzerland). In the mountains, the Peugeot was a blast to drive – the most fun I’ve ever had behind the wheel – cruising around hairpin turns and over mountain passes. Renting with Autofrance is the best way to travel Europe and we’d definitely do it again.

Deerfield, IL

While traveling through the Camargue in France, we passed fields of flamingos, bull, and horses and experienced an amazing dinner at Chez Bob! This area is a must see, must do!

Kingston, RI

Thank you Auto France and Peugeot Open Europe for making us the most famous doggies in France! Wherever our great Peugeot 5008 takes us, people take our pictures and tell our mommy and daddy we are the cutest ! This is our second trip to France with the help of the great team at Auto France. We have visited hundreds of towns and villages on both trips and everywhere we go, from the Pyrenees to the Alps, from tiny villages in Alsace to beautiful beaches on the Riviera, everyone loves us and we are having so much fun. Tomorrow we have to return our big and beautiful silver chariot in Paris after three months and 12,000 kilometers and new friends everywhere!
Minny Daisy Walter and Sherry Goldberg

Boynton Beach, FL

My wife and I spent 6 weeks in June and July in the Cotswolds and Cornwall in the UK. Our Peugeot 308 SW was the perfect car for us---not too large for narrow country roads but plenty large enough for passengers and luggage. The car performed beautifully for over 2000 miles of winding and hilly roads. Dealing with all of the AutoFrance team, both in the US and in London was a pleasure. The communications and instructions were clear and timely. Even though my wife and passengers may have closed their eyes and held their breaths concerned with my driving abilities along the narrow winding roads, especially in Cornwall where some were a single lane, I had faith in our Peugeot! And we got home without any mishaps. Can't wait to do it again in 2017.
Len Kilgore


Lyon, the Rhône, Châteauneuf, Alps Provençal, Liguria, Vermentino, pesto, the beaches of the Maremma, Morellino di Scansano, an Etruscan grave, Alba, 2,945 Km, and here in Zibello, a ten-year old finds a moment of solitude on an early morning in the intensely solitary Emilia Romana
Bill Buford & Jessica Green


On May 12, 2016, we picked our 208 Mechanic Diesel Peugeot in Munich. (This was our fourth time leasing with AutoFrance). As always it was a pleasure dealing with Mary Beth and Scott. We drove almost 10,000 kms during eight weeks, travelling in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Northern Greece and crossing to Italy in the car ferry with our leased car was perfect. The car insurance did not cover Albania, so we had to cross twice, but we took advantage crossing from Igoumenitsa to Brindisi to visit the heel of the boot, Lecce and Otranto and to go back to our favorite restaurant in Alberobello, "Gli Ulivi", and enjoy the amzing city of Matera. From Bari, we crossed to Montenegro and Croatia. From Croatia we went back to Italy to visit San Marino and Livorno. Took the car ferry from Livorno to Corsica and Sardinia. From Sardinia we took the car ferry to Genoa. From Genoa we drove to Cannes, Les Baux and Saintes Maries de la Mer in France. In Spain we went to Figueres, L'Escala, Girona and Barcelona. We returned the car in Barcelona on July 6. We are looking forward to our next trip to Europe with Peugeot from AutoFrance.
Dora Figuerola

Bradenton, FL

At age 40, having recently lost my father and going through a divorce, it was time for a break from life and my corporate job. So I took off for France in April 2016, the start of a mid-career sabbatical year. Since April, I've driven my Peugeot nearly 16,000 km...and counting. I picked up my Peugeot in Bordeaux, where I stayed for three months. I hit the road each week, driving to vineyards, meeting winemakers, tasting wine, learning French, and scattering my Dad's ashes in beautiful spots along the way. In July I headed for Sancerre, which I've used as a base for wine visits to Beaujolais, Cotes de Beaune, Chablis, and Champagne, and a hike to the top of Solutre in southern Burgundy. I drove to the beaches of Biarritz and Normandy, Mont St. Michel, Vezelay, and back to Sancerre. It's a year I'll never forget.
Julie Hans

Raleigh, NC

On August 9th we arrived in Paris/France, Picked vehicle up a 2016 Peugeot 508 station wagon ''gps and plenty trunk space for all our suitcases'' in France Paris stayed for 5 days drove all over beautiful Paris. Then we drove our Peugeot 600 kilometers to Munster France which is the town where my wife was born which she hadn't been back in 30 years, stayed 3days and visited those beautiful mountains with our Peugeut plenty sight seeing, from there we drove 900 kilometers to Barcelona Spain which was a pleasurable drive. We parked our Peugeot in Barcelona in a garage for 3 days did most of our sight seeing by bus and walking which was easier due to parking, after that we drove 1200 kilometers to northern Portugal which we stayed for 5 weeks did plenty of joyful sight seeing all over Portugal the built in gps made life very easy! On August 23rd we left Portugal and headed on our final drive to Madrid Spain another 600 kilometer drive which is where I had to return the car put a total of 8600 km in 6 weeks.We had a beautiful vacation and our Peugeut was a big part of that thank you, oh I almost forgot the service as far as picking up car and airport service by Peugeot personnel was great thanks again and we will look forward to do it again by the way it's probably my 5th time leasing with Peugeot
Jorge Martins

Mineola, NY

It’s been a challenging year, so my mum and I decided to take some time off and travel to France for a road trip. We leased a sleek black Peugeot 2008, filled up the diesel tank, and hit the road for our tour de France. What a perfect way to see such a beautiful country! 5,000km later, we began seeing mountains rise before us. We were approaching the French Alps. It was such a glorious time to be in the area - the best weather of the summer we were told. Our trusty Peugeot was right at home next to the chalet, nestled in the magnificent mountains of the Alps. At the end of our month lease, I was sad to have to give it back.

Sydney, NU

This past summer, our family of 8 had a once in a lifetime chance to spend the summer exploring Europe. We couldn't have done it without our Expert Teepee Peugeot van! From driving the narrow, winding roads of Italy to conquering the mountainous passes of the Austrian Alps to the many quick trips into town to pick up fresh baguettes for dinner (along with our favorite pastries!), the Expert Teepee had us covered! We loved how comfortable and spacious our van was--it fit two parents, 6 children ranging from 4 months to 15 years old and all of luggage plus a double stroller with room to spare! We loved it so much, we wished we could have taken it back home with us when our trip was done! Thank you, Peugeot Open Europe for helping us create some of the best memories of our lives!
Todd and Brooke Crandall

Centennial, CO

As we leisurely drove along on the narrow Italian country neighborhood road in our leased Peugeot 5008 through AutoFrance in the refreshing coastal cool evening air of late June 2016, our attentions were pleasantly drawn to take in three items . . . firstly, to the increasingly enjoyable realization that the Italian neighborhood within which we were headed to find the next host family we were to stay with was actually situated on a ridge with views in both (!) directions off to very Italian hilly beautiful countryside . . . how picturesque! Secondly, our host family had related to us that we were fortunate to be arriving during the beginning of a 3-day Italian country family festival, celebrated by music, dancing, food and sport, the foreign atmosphere of which was enveloping us as we gently pulled past cheery Italian families who were carrying their contributions to the festival. And lastly, we were happily and eagerly catching first sight of our pleasant-faced, colorfully-clad host family father . . . . . Giacomo Fagioli, waving smilingly at us. Sigh . . . can it get more wonderful than a dream vacation as a close family of six . . . my wife, Rachel, and I, and our four amazing teenagers . . . Jesse 19, Savannah 17, David 15, and Serena 13 . . . about four weeks into a ten-week family adventure tour of twelve European countries, staying with families in each. And there was still so much more to come . . . thank you AutoFrance, and . . . thank you Peugeot. The Tate Family
David Tate

Redding, CA

It was nearing dusk, and we found ourselves and our Peugeot on a weed-lined dirt track at the top of a high field in Poland. It was a perfect, serene evening. We just could not believe that this beautiful landscape was the home of a very sweet and welcoming Polish host family who opened their home and their hearts to us. Our time with them created some of the warmest memories from all of our ten-week journey through Europe, during which our Peugeot 5008 took our family of six from Milan to Paris with eight countries in between. We made so many great memories in that car: listening to music and enjoying time as a family as we crossed the European continent, an amazing adventure and truly a dream come true. These pictures are of our Peugeot parked in the beautiful field in Poland, and the next day when we were picking wild cherries with our hosts to make a traditional (and very tasty!) Polish drink.
Savannah Tate

Redding, CA

Two leases and thousands of miles later, we are planning for our next big adventure. During our last visit, our Peugeot 308 took us from Bordeaux to the Charente-Maritime, Poitou-Charentes, Loire, Auvergne and Lot regions of France. Our trusty Peugeot carried us with aplomb through the big city streets of Bordeaux, along narrow vineyard lanes to wonderful vistas and down scenic byways to quaint village churches. Not to mention Roman ruins and prehistoric dolmen! It was a pleasure to drive the 308, and the ease with which the AutoFrance program works allows us more time for adventures without the usual hassles of a rental. We can’t wait to meet our new 308!


There are many advantages to leasing Renault's flagship car, the Talisman. The car is very roomy and so comfortable. The 160 HP engine really propelled the car, but the diesel engine only sipped the petrol. We traveled in comfort from Nice to the Cinque Terre towns in Italy, and later onto Verona, then Como, and finally to Monaco before returning to Nice. However, the best, and fun, part of this car was all the looks we received as we visited all the towns. The vehicle is so new many people had of course never seen one in person. What was funny is sometimes I would be asked a question in French or Italian and I had to apologize that I spoke very little of either language. Being a car guy though, I was happy to try to converse and talk about the car.
Paul Antonelli

Weston, MA

For us, longtime Europe travelers, the Peugeot experience made our trip flawless. We have been renting a Peugeot for the last two years and the whole deal went as smooth as buying a coffee at a terrace. The staff's affability at the Marseilles Airport is phenomenal. They make it so easy and trouble-free. On our last trip, we rented the Peugeot 308 for 5 weeks. We travelled all over Provence and the Côte d'Azur. The size was perfect to navigate the narrow alleys of French villages and wide enough to store plenty of luggage in the trunk. We have many more trips to France ahead of us and A Peugeot car will definitely be a part of the fun.
John T Gordon

Wells, ME

The ultimate Italian vacation. A tour of Italy in a Peugeot convertible. Trip started in Milan, to Lake Como, Tuscany, to the toe of Italy, around Sicily, the Amalfi coast and back to Rome. Picture outside of Castellina in Chianti, where a picnic and bottle of Italian wine was enjoyed under a grove of cypress trees and a view of the vineyards. The postcards sent home read "driving Italy with the top down.... the car, not mine".
Toni and Mike

Aptos, CA

My wife, Susan, and I took a 6 week honeymoon to Europe in July/August 2012. We picked up our 308 CC convertible in Rome and drove to Paris through Spain. Having not driven a manual transmission in years, we opted for the automatic. The convertible top was great when we were sightseeing and easily fit all of our luggage for a 6 week trip. Driving late to our reservation at a chateau outside of Paris. We were shocked to find the chateau completely empty with no one answering the door. Low on fuel and lost in the French countryside at midnight, we were able to use the car's GPS to find a gas station. With it being the end of August, there were many people on holiday spending the night. As you can see from my wife's face, she was not too keen on spending the night in the Peugeot 308 CC. It wasn't a French chateau, but extremely roomy with reclining seats and, with a room temperature bottle of champagne, we made it through the night with a story to tell. We can't wait until our next Peugeot adventure with confirmed reservations! :)
Brett Schultz

Austin, TX

In March of 2013, our family picked up our Peugeot in Paris. We spent 90 days touring all over Europe. We affectionately named our car, "Judy". From Paris, we travelled to Switzerland to visit the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. We got stuck in the snow in Zermatt and had to take the Furka train through the mountain and down into Milan. We spent the next 30 days traveling all over Italy. Our biggest "adventure" was on a trip to Pompeii that resulted in a flat tire on the side of Mt. Vesuvius! We quickly pressed the "Help" button... within moments, someone came on the line and quickly found someone would could speak English to us and speak Italian to the tow truck driver! Within 2 hours we were back on the road and still got to visit the top of the volcano to watch the sun set. It was truly an amazing adventure! AutoFrance and Peugeot were both awesome!
Drew Allen

Thompsons Station, TN

We leased our Peugeot for almost one year while on sabbatical in southern France. My wife and "Les Deux Garçons" are shown here in Ajaccio, Corsica in Spring 2016, which we reached by ferry from Livorno, Italy. We spent a wonderful week touring and biking there and visited the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte in Ajaccio. From there we took the ferry back to Toulon, France, home of the French Navy and locale for the beginning of "Les Misérables." Our whole experience with Peugeot Open Europe was "tres bon!"
David Lea

Santa Barbara, CA

This photo provides the group context for the testimonial from Dorothy Perkins submitted below.
Dorothy Perkins

Lake City, MN

MOO-ve over! We have kilometers to go before we sleep... From the steep hills of San Marino, along the Amalfi coast and through the medieval gates of San Donato, our Open Europe Peugeot stopped for nothing except a bovine blockade! With our 2015 lease we explored Abruzzo National Park and twenty other fascinating destinations from Spoleto and Orvieto to Cassino and Rome. Abruzzo is known for rare wildlife such as the Marsican brown bear. This MOO-cow was wild enough for us! From our pickup in Milan to our drop off in Rome, our experience with Open Europe was as sMOOth as butter... Our only incident was a flat tire which was quickly repaired by an opera-singing mechanic. My husband and I rounded up a whole herd of great Italian memories. We would be delighted to set off on a new Peugeot trail ride next year and that's no BULL!
Dorothy Perkins

Lake City, MN

For several years, a country village in Southwest France has been our summer home. We’ve thought about buying a car, but leasing through Auto France is so much easier! We get a brand new car each year, and there’s no hassle with insurance, licensing or vehicle inspections. Mechanical problem? Just go to the nearest Peugeot garage, though (thankfully!) we’ve never needed to. Mostly, our car takes us to festivals, markets, castles and concerts in our local area, with trips now and then farther afield. So far, we’ve enjoyed seeing major sights of France, Spain and Belgium, and we’ve loved finding those out-of-the-way corners where tourists seldom go. More countries await ̶ about 40 in all! And when it’s time to go home, we just take the car back to the airport (or to a different one if we’d rather), and they deliver us to the terminal. Voilà!
Allan O Colby

Mountain View, CA

My husband and I have spent the last 3 winters in France. We always start with a month in Provence followed by two weeks each in Normandy, the Loire, Normandy, Brittany or Alsace Lorraine. We have been extremely happy with our car leases from Auto France. On our last trip we chose a Peugeot 3008 which was a little bigger than the previous models and we loved everything about it. It was very roomy and handled extremely well. What we like about Auto France is not only our Peugeot but the simplicity of the pickup and drop off process Also everything is paid ahead of time so there are no surprises on arrival in France and then there is the unlimited mileage and heaven knows we need that! On our last trip, we spent two wonderful weeks in Brittany. We rented a little cottage by the sea near Lanion in Gaos Lagorn. This cozy cottage was tucked away in a beautiful valley and if we hadn't had specific directions we would have never found it. As we drove down the driveway, there was a stone shed on he right side and my husband thought that was what I had rented to accommodate the two of us plus a family friend. Needless to say he was quite relieved to feast his eyes on this darling cottage! When in France, we love renting a place for the duration of our stay in a specific area. It's so fun to explore the area in detail and you really feel like you are living in France. Grocery shopping is a delight and trying to prepare some French cuisine is fun as well as a challenge. And when all is said and done, it is always comforting to know you have a reliable car! Can't wait until our next trip!!! Auto France here we come! Judy Kerschner
Judy Kerschner

Milton, ON

We leased the 308 for a 2 month stay in southern France. When we opened the boot in the mornings, our dog would immediately jump in and refuse to get out again until we left the house, full of eager excitement for another day of hiking in the French Pyrenees! We wandered high above the clouds, and he swam in cold mountain lakes and suspiciously watched the sheep and cows. The views in the high Pyrenees were breathtaking, as was driving the zippy 308 up the winding, hairpin roads to the top. Eeek!
Kim Ashley

Durham, NC

As housesitters, the Auto Europe lease program is perfect for us. We’re in a different location every few months and we don't always need a car. When we do, we can lease just the right car to match the housesit. While being guardians for this gorgeous country house in the south of France, the 5008 was the perfect car for short car camping trips, which are such an attractive aspect of French culture. The car easily fits our tent, backpacks, a weekend worth of food and utensils, and a few chairs. Throw the sleeping pads and bags in the back with all the seats down and we can even sleep inside if it rains! In contrast, at our previous housesit we had a dog, and were mostly day tripping to explore tiny mountain villages with narrow roads, so a compact, zippy Peugeot 308 with a nice spacious boot for le chien was just the right fit. We love the Auto Europe program with its flexibility of choosing the right car for the right lifestyle!
Michael Byrne

Durham, NC

This was our second Peugeot lease. We began our trip in Zurich and drove all through Switzerland and France. The 208 handled the switchbacks over the Spluegen Pass (2115M photo) like a race car; down to Lake Como and then up over the Furka Pass (2436M) to Lauterbrunnen. Then we were off to Chamonix and the surrounding area. Chateau de Aigle (photo) was one of the many beautiful chateaus we visited. The Peugeot got great gas milage, the GPS was accurate and the car performed without a flaw. The leasing process was professional and efficient. We are planning a third trip with another Peugeot. Great company to work with!!!
Arthur Crawford/Leslie Muir

Meridian, ID

Well another great four month trip to France and the UK with Peugeot. This time it was a 308SW auto/diesel. Pick up was Heathrow and even a rainstorm did not slow down the delivery-a great guy there. Drop off at Toulouse Airport- quick and easy. Can't give these offices enough credit-have used several over the years. The photo was taken at a holy well in the Charente Maritime in October 2015. These are ancient sites where before modern medicine people came for relief from various problems. The car did another 12k kilometers without missing a bit. It carried six suitcases plus all of our cottage stuff and still had a bit of space left over. Looking forward to our next rip in the spring of 2017. Tom and Bonnie Campbell
Thomas Campbell

Charlesto, SC

We loved our Peugeot while traveling through France and Italy. So sad to think that we drove through the beautiful picturesque villages that are now devastated by the earthquake. Our hearts go out to all the victims. Thank you guys for providing a great service that made our trip awesome!
Charla Brown

Crested Butte, CO

In May, 2016 our group of 10 picked up two vans at the Charles de Gaul airport: drove ot Evreux, France to the stately Manoir d’Elise which was constructed in the early twentieth century. The iconic cabinet of architecture Eiffel (known the world over for the Eiffel Tower), designed this house. After a few days we continued our 21 day trip to Avignon, where we stayed in a Castle (Les Arcades) built in the 1200s and owned by the same family since the French revolution. Finally we finished our 2500 mile trip in Cinqe Terre and Verona, Italy. Fantastic!!!!
Ronald Perry

Canyon Country, CA

Driving to Italy after we picked up our Peugeot in Nice took us along the Med Sea coast with its beautiful vistas. But the real treat was after arrival in Florence. The seven hundred year old bridge across the Arno, the Ponte Vecchio, was glowing in the sunset. It is the historical focal point of this great city and we were so pleased to enjoy the unforgettable view that night.

williamsburg, VA

One of the nice things about the AutoFrance program is the access it allows to the rest of Europe. This photo was snapped one August night walking through the Piazza Grande of Montepulciano (Tuscany). The shadow of the fountain and the contrada flags cast a medieval feeling to a magical night.
Dick Pflederer

Williamsburg, VA

This is just one of the fantastic scenes we viewed through the expansive front windshield of our Peugeot Partner... a beautiful street in La Grande Motte, one of our favorite & quirky towns in the south of France, right on the Mediterranean. The Oleander created a wall of color as we drove by. We have leased with Peugeot every year for probably 10 years or more..time does fly when enjoying the splendors of Europe! And we love the "Partner" as it is so comfortable to drive, and so economical with the Diesel engine...usually our toll costs on the 10,000+ km adventures are far more than the fuel costs!! Looking forward to a 2017 Lease once again, and beautiful sights and adventures touring Europe.
Roger Butler

Bradenton, FL

Picked up a brand new Peugeot 308SW with only 5Km on the tachometer and spent 2 month traveling Cote d'Azur, Lake Como, Italy, High French Alps. The car was fantastic, very energy efficient but also had high performance and precise steering. The car is spacious for luggage and camping gears, even had space enough for two people to spend emergency nights in the car if necessary (luggage was moved out to the front seats or put outside and covered). Overall it was a great and memorable summer vacation. We plan to rent a Peugeot car next year again. Thank you. thanh Photos can be viewed and downloaded from here:
Thanh Nguyen

Palo Alto, CA

On May 1 my wife and I picked up our 2015 Peugeot 208 at the Barcelona airport after taking a two week cruise from Fort Lauderdale to Barcelona. We had selected the 5-speed diesel "Cielo" model with the glass roof. The car had GPS but we also brought our Garmin as backup. Lucky we did because it "saved" us on occasion. We took to calling the car's GPS "the witch".The car came with pale red French license plates, a color which we did not notice on any other car during our travels. We later learned that such plates denote a leased car with the leasee not a citizen of the European Union. So much for trying to travel under the radar. In any event, after putting over 10,800 km on the car in 6 weeks we can say that being able to see through the roof at the sky, mountains, tall buildings, etc. is the only way to go. We took a very zig-zaggy "circle" of a route through Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, and Switzerland, returning the car at Marseilles Airport. This is our first time leasing a vehicle for this purpose and we naturally had concerns about how it would work out. But others have said it and we concur, pick up was a breeze of less than 5 minutes of paperwork and we were off. We had already read the owner's manual in the Auto France website to familiarize ourselves (the one in the car is in French). Turning the car in was even quicker. We stayed at the Ibis hotel at the airport, which is right next door to the car return. We couldn't have been there more than 3 minutes (others were waiting to turn theirs in) and walked back to the hotel. Anyway, we saw many new things and marvelous sights on our 45 day road trip and were favored with blue skies and puffy white clouds on over 40 of them. Even when it rained, or drizzled it seemed appropriate for the location, such as in Chamonix with the mist hanging heavy over Mont Blanc. We plan to do this again, different itinerary of course.
Norman Trump

Sacramento, CA

Often we use our apartment on the Costa Brava (Spain) as a "Center" to venture out-from for a few days at a time. This photo of our Peugeot was taken during one of those trips from hotel window overlooking beautiful Lake Banyoles in Banyoles, Catalonia, Spain in 2012. Not only did this fine automobile make for a pleasant and enjoyable time - but also so did our unsuspecting license plate! Upon several occasions encountering heavy traffic we noticed the officer directing that traffic often gave us a quick double-take glance - stopped all other traffic and bowed slightly as he politely gestured us to proceed through - many times with a quick sharp salute. Similar responses elsewhere have been enjoyable. We eventually realized that some Embassy automobiles have sported plates that were quite similar to ours. Fun, style, comfort and 60 MPG! Thanks Auto-France and Peugeot! We'll certainly be back!

Albertville, MN

For four months last summer, this brand new Peugeot lease from took me to the most amazing places in France, Switzerland, Germany and Austria. The ECO model came with a "moonroof", stop-start engine technology and a responsive diesel that wasn’t just kind to the environment but kind to my wallet at the pump. As I coasted down roads, pedestrians stared surprised by the complete silence from the sleek Peugeot, likely thinking this was the latest electric car to hit the market. This photo shows a “stop off” for some mountain cheese and wine tasting in the foothills of the French Alps. If I had to choose one word for the experience, it would be magnifique!

Orlando, FL

Our Spring 2014 / 5 week, 3 country road trip, started and ended at Paris CDG Airport. We picked up our brand new Peugeot 3008 Pack Diesel Automatic BMP6 with GPS. Traveling south all the way through France, Portugal, and Spain, we drove over 4,500 miles. This picture was taken in the Sierra Nevada National Park in Andalusia, with a view of Trevelez, the highest "white village" in Spain at 1,476 m ( 4,842 ft.) On the steep, windy roads, the car handled very well, especially with the auto/manuel shifting. This is the way to discover the beautiful European countryside. Can't wait until our next trip!

Hollywood, FL

We enjoyed our 308CC hard top convertible during our 6 weeks in France. Here it is in Mercurol with a view of the Rhone River in the background. This is near my home town of Tournon-sur-Rhone and Tain-l'Hermitage, home of Valrona chocolate. The top is amazing to watch as it folds down into the trunk. Lots of people stopped an stared at this new car. I'm sure they were wishing they could drive one.


We have lived and traveled extensively overseas. Organized tours have frustrated us because we never have enough time to really "see" and experience the museums, castles, battlefields, villages, towns, and cities. Traveling by bus/train has rarely allowed us to travel the scenic two-lane byways. But, LEASING is an affordable option that provides independence and allows us to travel in leisure on the back roads. We also travel with confidence, knowing we have insurance coverage and roadside assistance. We love history and experiencing different cultures; having the time to visit the out-of-the-way places helps us to become more than tourists. In six weeks (September - October 2014), we drove this sexy Puegeot 208 Pack Essence almost 7300 kilometers as we crisscrossed northern Spain and southern France, including the rather remote Valle de Echo which reaches deep into the Pyrenees northwest of Jaca, Spain.

Sioux Falls, SD

It was June 16, 1984. We had been touring since May, naively believing that this grand tour in our micro blue Puegeot was the trip of a lifetime. Subsequently, we have travelled another 50,000 miles in trusty TT Puegeots. But then, we were entranced. We’d skirted the blue sparkling Mediterranean and traversed smoggy north Italy to the base of Lake Garda to enter tiny, charming Sirmione through the castle gate, and lodged in a patrician townhouse. Apprehension mingled with delight as we followed our innkeeper’s parking instructions—“More, more, come come come,” his fingers curling inward as he stepped backward. “No right; more, more.” Our windshield revealed only the stone ledge capping this tiniest alley, and beyond, the crashing lake, a blue matching our little Puegeot. Mostly Puegeots get people out of tight spots. We giggled with relief and incredulity when ours got us into this one. Merci, Puegeot!
Louise FERST

Helena, MT

I’m from Montana. Montanans don’t “car camp.” But I wasn’t in Montana. And I wasn’t camping. It was July 21, 1987. We had come from Istanbul in our little white Puegeot. Tracing the shoreline we found all the hostelries “comple,” their parkings overflowing with fat Ladas and dowdy Stradas. A campground gave reluctant permission to “car camp” and we picked a grassy spot on the water in “Sector D.” We used all our ingenuity to transform our trusted Puegeot into a cozy sleeper. The rear hatch became a towel-curtained portico, the back seat a ledge for privacy. My wrap-around skirts made side curtains and soft luggage on the floors completed our lodging. Ships sailing Bourgas harbor lit the ink-black bay. Music from a pavilion around the cove entertained. Puegeot’s seats cradled us as we drifted to sleep, self-satisfied at our resourcefulness and secure in Puegeot’s great engineering. Merci, Peugeot!
Louise Ferst

Helena, MT

My wife and I had the pleasure of driving this Peugeot 308 Diesel automatic while touring southwest France in the spring of 2012. We picked up our Peugeot in Bordeaux from a very friendly and helpful agent without any delays or hassles. From Bordeaux we wandered from Arcachon through the Gironde, Lot and Dordogne before heading back to Bordeaux. This particular stop was at Moustey on our way to Arcachon. The churches of St. Martin and Notre Dame are two 12th century churches on the St. Jacques de Compostelle pilgrimage route. During the 24 days were in France, we drove our Peugeot 2,298 km and got such great mileage that we only had to fill the tank three times. We had a wonderful trip and look forward to driving a Peugeot on our next trip to France through the Auto France program.

Baton Rouge, LA

Pinnochio was a wooden puppet with an insatiable desire for adventure. My husband and I share his curiosity and zest for exploring the world. Three Auto France leases in three years have helped us find hidden wonders like the wine roads near Jeruzalem, Slovenia, the beautiful hilltop town of Asolo, Italy and this surprising mural in Bassano del Grappa, Italy. The mural reminded us that Pinnochio's journeys did not always go smoothly and there were times when he needed help. Like Pinoccho we receive care and protection with our lease. We love traveling in a dependable car with comprehensive insurance and the great support of the Auto France team. Old Gepetto who carved Pinnochio wished upon a star for his puppet to become a real boy. If we were granted a similar wish we would ask for more magical adventures on European back roads in a brand new Peugeot!

Lake City, MN

We picked up an Auto France 1990 Peugeot at the Nice Airport for a 7,500km summer excursion. Dubbed "Car of the Decade" by CAR Magazine this supermini car took us 1768km across the south of Europe to Gibraltar where an hour crossing landed us in Morocco. From Tangiers it was south to Casablanca and exotic Marrakesh and then north to Fez and Oran. From Oran it was on to El Oued where we forded the wadi in the photo. With the Sahara on our right, we crossed into Tunisia to take a needed rest at the garden island of Djerba after a Maghreb drive of 3497km. Then with time running out, it was north to Tunis, ferry our Peugeot to Palermo and onward to Rome and Nice over 2155km of sightseers paradise. --Eight Mediterranean sun-filled weeks in a magnificent automobile.

Helena, MT

Open Europe lives up to its name. It opened endless possibilities for our travels in France. Unbound by bus and train schedules we discovered places inaccessible by public transportation. The French say, “On voyage, pour se perdre, pour se decouvrir.” You travel to lose yourself to find yourself. That we did, risking the road less-traveled fully protected by Open Europe’s comprehensive service and accident policy. We traveled at our own pace. Our discoveries off the beaten path were the most memorable. Would we have met the shepherd and his flock in Normandy on a train or bus? Would we have met the mother of our hotel’s owner in Le Puy-en-Velay had we not ventured into the hills above the city? And that encounter led to a meal with her grandson’s family. Our “trip” became an odyssey, revealing the real France, not the France of the slick brochures.

North Providence, RI

We have leased from AUTO FRANCE for over a decade and highly rate our experience, especially the consideration we are given at the New Jersey office. In addition to the savings over a car rental, we return to AUTO FRANCE each year for the ease of making arrangements, full coverage insurance, convenience of different pickup and drop off locations and the reliability and access to service in the unlikely event that such a need arises. In our 8-10 weeks of travel each year in France, we log 3000-4000 kilometers and appreciate the fuel efficiency of the Peugeot 308 diesel 5 speed. Having driven by the sea, in the mountains, through the vineyards, in cities and into adjoining countries, we recommend AUTO FRANCE without hesitation. Linda & Stephen Black
Stephen Black

Bozeman, MT

Americans camping in Europe?!... Almost unheard of in European campgrounds. Not much of a scenic photo but a real life scene in our first campsite near Toulouse, 24 hours after assorted delayed and missed flights. Auto France had our Peugeot 207 Diesel all ready at Blagnac Airport where we loaded our gear (BIG trunk!) then headed for camp to pitch our tent (home for the next 6 weeks) and finally rest before food and wine shopping, a favorite travel sport! This has been our travel mode for 5 consecutive years, leasing a Peugeot to discover France, Spain and Portugal while camping at extraordinary sites throughout. The associated freedom to drive wherever, whenever is "The Best". Bonus: Peugeot fuel economy plus campgrounds in lieu of hotels leave spare Euros for markets, dining, museums, tours. Did you know there are great campgrounds near Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Porto, Lisbon?...

San Francisco, CA

We have enjoyed the great service from AutoFrance in the past, on our trips in France. I doubt whether anyone else will send this photo in! (Motor Car Museum) Best wishes.. and I wish Peugeot were sold in the USA....Love those cars! Judith B. Dunn
Judith Dunn

Tallahassee, FL

Our brand new Peugeot Partner we rented for 2 months, and it safely and comfortably took us to all the sites, chateaus and museums throughout France...a very easy car to drive!! Thanks again....Roger Butler (Florida, USA)
Roger Butler

Bradenton, FL

My 7th Peugeot! Picked up on Sept. 1 at Montpellier airport and then went to explore Tuscany for 3 weeks then South central France, more specifically the Auvergne Province. Spent a total of 8 weeks driving the 208. The built in GPS was great, as was the gas mileage (diesel). 7,801 kilometers. Turned the car in at 5:30 am at the same airport. My thanks to the agent in Montpellier and the New Jersey crew. Photo: mountain pass near Salers, France
Jacques Baron

New Bern, NC

Here is a picture of my beautiful brand new Peugeot parked in my own private parking in front of the apartment that I rented for years each summer on the French Riviera! The fabulous Cote d'Azur! I have all the freedom to drive up and down the coast to all my friends houses for their BBQs, and aperitifs and parties thanks to AutoFrance and my beautiful car with the red license plates! Everyone of my friends and their friends always know it is me coming to visit! I now have my own beautiful apartment on the Cote d'Azur right at the water's edge where I park my beautiful, new Peugeot each summer in my own private parking! Happy summering! Happy driving!
Mara Zuckerman


I think I take more pictures of the car than the sights! Madame the 308SW

Pauma Valley, CA

The 3008 Peugeot crossover

Pauma Valley, CA

The Auto France program surpasses any rent a car program overseas. Everything is included in one very reasonable price and the car is yours! I think the slogan for Auto France should be lease it, drive it, name it, love it, and buy it! In 2013, my sister and I leased a fully loaded 3008. Prior to our trip we named the vehicle Fabio, because most of our time would spent in Italy. Fabio was the most doted over member of our family. The easy to use GPS system in Fabio navigated us safely to every destination in our 7105 kilometer trip.

Pauma Valley, CA

I have leased from Auto France at least six times. I love their car, no deductible insurance, unlimited kilometers, roadside assistance, and tax and registration all for one very reasonable price! My sister and I travel often together. in 2012, we leased a fully loaded 308SW. This was a complementary upgrade, because the smaller requested vehicle was sold out. It was love at first sight! My sister named the car Madame. (Neither of us has named any of our own cars!) My sister, Madame, and I quickly became the best of travelling partners. We loved Madame's panoramic roof and easy to use GPS system. We doted over Madame, and she delivered us safely to our every destination. 5820 km in 15 driving days! I miss her!

Pauma Valley, CA

2 beauties, enjoying each other in beautiful Germany-We didn’t need a toy for the baby, she enjoyed every moment in the Peugeot 2008, traveling over 10,000km- Spain, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey, Austria and Germany. A hell of a trip, right?
claudiu pascuci

cordova, TN

We have rented autos from Auto France since we retired in 1998. We go to Europe every year and LOVE the Auto France program. Our cars have travelled all over Europe, Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, the Baltic States, and Crotia. This is really a trouble free program and you have peace mind driving a brand new car. We are always excited to pick up our new car each year. We would highly recommend Auto France to anyone travelling in Europe!

Prescott, AZ

We have a home in Banyuls-sur-Mer. This summer we visited St. Marie, a rare 12th century circular church in the village of Rieux-Minervois in southern France near Toulouse. Good natured Professor Andre Bonnery, an art historian and world expert on the sculptor, the Master of Cabestany, is riding a statue of the local rose marble. Great visit.

Berkeley, CA

What a trip we had with our 10 year old grandson. In our Auto France Peugeot we toured Provence and Tuscany. Last summer for a full month . We climbed the steps into the Antique Theatre in Orange to see Verdi's Nabucco and had a little bottle of water at the site of Pont Du Gard. He was quite popular with the young girls sporting his World Cup tee shirts. He loved the scrambling for change we did each time we went through a toll. He is a fan of the Food Channel so he enjoyed the 2 hour meals.of course the cell phone helped. But he hid it when we took pictures.

New york

Embarking on another European journey for three weeks we rented our Peugeot from France and had it sent to Madrid for our arrival from the U.S. As in the past, our Peugeot provided comfort for four travelers and handled our luggage beautifully. This well designed vehicle held the cobblestone streets as we navigated thru narrow pathways and dusty trails. Our Peugeot gave us both on-road and off-road performance as we drove through Cork Forests, the Douro Valley Vineyards, and climbed the Rock of Gibraltar to see the Barbary Apes. Our photos tell of the drive down a dusty, straw field to photograph a Goat Sheppard with his herd...only to be followed by a much needed carwash. Thank you Peugeot, Laurie and Michael Szilvagyi
Laurie and Michael Szilvagyi

Vonore, TN

Where could you go in your OPEN EUROPE Peugeot? Not here, exactly. But you could drive to Chamonix, France, and take the gondola to the top of 12605-foot Aiguille du Midi, where you could enjoy views like this.

Mountain View, CA

We always like to take a picture of a location were we have stop to have lunch on the road. This location must be significant for the view. Some times this is not possible for some reason. We were just out of Dresden, Germany in our 308SW and had to stop for lunch. The view out of the windshield was of a field, not very good. But we were hungry. After lunch I got out of the car to take the picture. Low and behold across the road was a beautiful park and lake the we did not see. This was the second Peugeot that we have leased and put over 10,000K on and wanted to take both of them home with us. Thanks for a wonderful program. Edward S. Gorzynski, Jr.
Edward Gorzynski Jr

Orinda, CA

Paris to Provence This spunky silver Peugeot 208cc is the third one from AutoFrance - one every summer for our extended stays in France. Picked up at CDG, it traveled through Paris to the Limousin, on to Toulouse, the Luberon, ending in St Tropez. Seven glorious weeks under the sun before turning it in at Marseille airport. Doesn’t she look pretty in Ile sur Le Sorge where we went antiquing?
Helen Baumeister

Spruce Head Island, ME

Another winter trip to Tuscany helped to be worry free by my long business relationship with Peugeot Open Europe.

Topanga, CA

With a keen interest, this French kitty was checking our "Auto France" Peugeot 308, and enjoying a secure and sunny morning in the Loire Valley

Durango, CO

Some of the team here at Auto France had the pleasure of driving this brand new beautiful pearl white Peugeot 508SW in September-October of this year (2014). This particular image is of a breathtaking pulloff we stumbled upon looking over Lac de Sainte-Croix in Southern France. The company road trip started at Nice airport and ultimately found it's way via the scenic route North to our final destination of Paris (Le Marais to be specific). In the matter of a week we managed to drive over 1000km on one tank of fuel with a total of 5 passengers and the luggage to match! A trip for the books.
Auto France Team

Rutherford, NJ

You'll never see this from a tour bus (near Jeruzelum, Slovenia)! Three times in 3 years we have enjoyed six weeks of the freedom and peace of mind that an Auto France car provides. We have driven mountain passes (Virsig Pass, Grossglocknerstrasse among many), vineyard paths (above, and Alsace, Tuscany, & others), autostrades, and even a medieval castle (Carcassone, FR), all on our schedule. Up-to-date GPSs put wonder in wander, and full insurance takes the worry out of being close. The Peugeots we've had are solid, fun to drive, and brand new when we get them. We save money staying in ring-road hotels and using busses/trams to visit "old towns", and avoid parking hassles and traffic. The back seat carries our fan, light groceries, extra shoes, and the unavoidable souvenirs. In the morning we decide where we're going, add stops along the way, then set up the GPS and the adventure starts anew! It doesn't get any better than this!

Lake City, MN

No picture available of our Peugeot 2008 (which was perfect for us), but without it, we would not have been able to travel to see this sight in Hossegor France. A prefect combination of a super moon and the passing remnants of a hurricane created some very picturesque sights.

Brooklyn, NY

After assembling a picnic lunch at the weekly farmer's market in Beaune, our little group enjoyed local bread, cheeses and fresh fruit in the vineyards of Burgundy. The Peugeot Tepee Expert gives us plenty of elbow room — and luggage space!

Fresno, CA

A friend visited and later sent a letter. Not knowing the address, he wrote "the house on Chemin de Sablas with the green gate, pink house, and the blue peugeot." It arrived! With a note from the postman saying, "good thing I'm not color-blind."


We have enjoyed the great service from AutoFrance in the past, on our trips in France. I doubt whether anyone else will send this photo in! Best wishes.. and I wish Peugeot were sold in the USA....Love those cars! (MOTOR CAR MUSEUM)
Judith Dunn

Tallahassee, FL

Happiness is touring through France in a brand new shiny Peugeot. And what better way to match the beauty of the French countryside than keeping your Peugeot sparkling with a high tech French car wash. Merci!!!

Moraga, CA

The picture was taken at the old town wall in Zadar, Croatia featuring my wife, my two sisters, and our hero the 207 SW. I leased a Peugeot 207 SW while working in Split, Croatia during spring 2013. We received it in Nice, France and drove it through Italy before ferrying Ancona to Split. This car was a dream to drive- responsive, excellent mileage with the manual transmission diesel, good traction when we ran in to snow in Croatia, easily stayed with autoroute traffic (Italy, France and Croatia), excellent handling on very twisty Croatian coastal and island roads, and easy parking in minuscule spaces. The navigation system was flawless. Visitors came in waves (sisters, children, grandchildren, friends) and the 207 SW taxied us all over Croatia (Dubrovnik, Zadar, Plitvice Lakes, Brac, Rab, ...) without complaint even when loaded with parents, kids and luggage. We then returned it to Paris over a two week period visiting as many places as possible (Pisa, Siena, Florence, Avignon, Dijon, ...) Both pickup and return were seamless.Definitely will lease again. B. Patrick Joyce Professor of Economics Emeritus Michigan Technological University Principal Economist Forensic Economics

Houghton, MI

This is that quiet hour just before twilight in Villefranche Sur Mer when the beautiful bay seems to take a rest before the excitement of the evening soon to come. Accross the water we see Cap Ferret, a pennisula of beautiful homes, serene and yet startling in its magnificent burst of fauna and views of the sea. As evening falls in Villefrance Sur Mer, the voices of its inhabitants and visitors become indistinguishible in the melody of mixed languages all expressing the pleasure of this tranquill world. The water looks painted on because it is so still and the stars about to peek through the oncoming night sky are anxious to dip their light on the surface of the water. It's a painting waiting for you to enter when you drive along the coast.

Palm Srpings, CA

We picked our Peugeot up at the Rennes Rail Station and incurred absolutely no problems. The car was exactly as advertised, the personnel were polite and extremely helpful, an effortless transaction. We drove the car all through France and Germany with no problems. The GPS and car performed flawlessly. Turned the car in at the Frankfurt location and another smooth event with courteous and helpful personnel. The entire leasing was easy with no stress, before, during or after completion of our vacation. We will be leasing another Peugeot for our upcoming trip. A great company. Thank you for making it easy and stressless. Art and Les

Meridian, ID

We had a fabulous four-month trip in Europe, mostly in France and Spain. The Peugot 308 that we bought made all the difference. In fact, my husband and I both enjoyed driving it so much that we assigned "driving" days for each of us. The power and efficiency of the car gave us complete confidence in driving on highways, tiny streets, and even in the mountains on narrow passages. When our friends visited, there was plenty of room for passengers and luggage. We wouldn't have enjoyed the trip nicely as much without the car. And the service we received from start to finish was perfect. We can't wait to drive another Peugot on our next trip. In this photo, I am sitting in our car as my husband took a picture of the Rock of Gibraltar.
Marjorie Speers

Atlanta, GA

I have used the Peugeot Auto France lease for about ten years, and love everything about it...great way to tour Europe. Highly recommend it to anyone traveling overseas. Drove 14,000 km this summer with no incidents. No dings, scratches or problems. Wash the car twice a week. Already ordered one for our 2015 trip to Europe.

Apopka, FL

We have been fortunate enough to use Auto France to lease Peugeots for our last three extended trips to France and the UK. We leased 308SW twice and for our last trip leased the 3008. Both cars were great and had no problems. We picked up and dropped them at Heathrow and had great service. Since we were travelling for 165 days we had six suitcases plus carry-ons etc. Both cars swallowed this load up. The 3008 had two special features that were very useful. The load floor drops about 4-5 inches with a quick flip of your hand. This allows for an appreciable increase in luggage capacity. Also it had a heads up display for the speedometer. This was in a see thru plastic piece directly in front of the driver. In France it showed the speed it kilometers. However in the UK, once you changed the measurements to English, it showed the speed in MPH. Much easier than reading the speedo in kilometers and then converting to miles. Both cars were very comfortable for long drives. We drove from west of Perpignan to Calais-1,365k-over two days and were still able to move about afterwards. No mean trick at 69. The photo of our 308SW was taken in 2012 at a Holy Well in southern Normandy. While we have seen some great scenery in France and the UK we did not always photograph the car in front of it. We are more likely to take photos of local cats! Looking forward to our next trip in 2015.

Charleston, SC

Dear Peugeot folks, I’m sorry that my attached picture doesn’t include your awesome car, but I absolutely did drive my children and their friends to this lovely villa in Tuscan in it and took this photo of my kids, Maisie and Jasper and their friends Claire and Jacob playing on hay bales. We stayed there during the summer of 2014 as I worked on an excavation just outside of Siena. I love your program and am so grateful for the cheerful, helpful people who are so patient and good to us each year as we continue this relationship. As an archaeologist, I often find myself hauling around all sorts of odd things in the terrifically spacious interior - excavation equipment, buckets of pottery, even boxes of Etruscan statue fragments! Thanks so much, Dr. Anthony Tuck Associate Professor, Dept. of Classics Director, Poggio Civitate Excavations University of Massachusetts Amherst

Northampton, MA

Our brand new Peugot we rented for 2 months, and it safely and comfortably took us to all the sites, chateaus and museums throughout France...a very easy car to drive!! Thanks again....Roger Butler (Florida, USA)

Bradenton, FL

Wonderful, effortless experience. Everyone was professional, everything was as ordered, car, insurance, car. Couldn't ask for better company.

Meridian, ID

Chomping Forest, Picardy, France 2012 Photo by Stephanie Bower

Ludlow, VT

Jeanne d'Arc, Museum, Voucouleurs, Val Lorraine, France 2012
This is the leased Peugeot 208 Diesel we picked up at Toulouse on 1 Oct. It’s amazing. Plenty of power and handles quite well. Normally it averages 60 mpg. Driving to Collioure and back at freeway speeds of 75-80 mph it got 56 mpg. The last time I bought gas I’d driven 600+ miles on one tank (966km), and had enough left in the tank (8 liters) to go more than 100 miles. Wish I could get a car like this in the states. jim

Pismo Beach, CA

Photo #1, Snow scene in Trolly-Breuil, Picardy, France, 2012

Ludlow, VT

We rented a 508 for three weeks in Umbria, Italy. This was our third rental with Auto France. We really enjoyed this car and Auto France experience.

Chicago, IL

"My first car through Auto France was in 2004, with 4 more to follow in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2010.
Jacques-Andre B
Traveled throughout Europe on several occasions using a Peugeot 207 with husband Jacques-Andre B
Ludmilla P