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About Peugeot And The Peugeot Car2Europe Program

Peugeot And Peugeot Car2Europe (Peugeot Open Europe) Program

Quite like the history of Europe in general, Peugeot has a long and rather interesting tale.

The Peugeot brand was founded and is still owned (majority wise) by the Peugeot family to this day.

The signature Lion emblem has been a staple to the brand and signifies the strength and might of the Peugeot.  For over 200 years the Peugeot brand has continuously widened its scope of business endeavors taking on the manufacturing of pepper mills, bicycles, watches, scooters, motorcycles, and of course the lovely range of Peugeot automobiles.

The Car2Europe program (formerly Peugeot Open Europe) was developed in the 1950’s as way (in part) to sell more vehicles on the European marketplace. The program allows Peugeot to circumvent the ever frightening VAT tax rates when selling the vehicles to the end user and thus be able to be more competitive in the international marketplace.

In short, we provide a brand new Peugeot straight from the manufacturer to our clients. Our clients, being NON-EUROPEAN residents are therefore not subject to the VAT taxes. After our clients are finished with the short term lease, they return the vehicle to Peugeot and the vehicle then enters the “gently used” market to be sold through the dealer network thus lessening the overall cost  for the next potential owner.