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14 Unique Places to Stay in Spain

14 Unique Places to Stay in Spain

When you're driving your own car on a road trip through Spain, you have the freedom to explore and take the road less-traveled. You can let your planning be spontaneous and turn at any detour that catches your eye. Read on to learn about where you should stay along your trip: here is our list of favorite unique accommodations in Spain, most of which can only be reached by car. 

1. A Lighthouse in Ribadeo

If you are looking for seclusion and exclusivity, then you may have just now found it: a lighthouse on a lone island in Galicia has been converted to a spacious and luxurious 1-bedroom home with modern amenities like a fully equipped kitchen and satellite TV. A private bridge leads to the property on the island, which can be enjoyed any time of year. As seasons change and weather changes with it, guests can benefit from central heating or air conditioning while enjoying a unique view of the coastline and Bay of Biscay.

Faro Isla Pancha - $229/night
2 hours 45 minutes from Vigo, Spain


2. A Geodesic Dome in Casavieja

Immerse yourself in nature and sleep comfortably in a geodesic dome, designed to protect you from the elements while still feeling like a part of the forest. The dome lies within walking distance from the campground’s lake and multiple pools and streams. For those wanting to camp but not ready to commit to pitching your own tent nor roughing it outdoors can happily find their home for the night in this dome in Casavieja.

Cupula Geodésica a Pie del Lago - $32/night
1 hour 30 minutes from Madrid, Spain


3. An Igloo in Solsona

With insulation and heating, campers can spoil themselves in a wooden igloo in a valley of mountainous Catalonia. Though snow is rare in Solsona, the igloo design makes for a cozy accommodation for travelers looking to get outside of the city to breath some fresh air. With the nearest town barely tipping the population chart at 10,000 inhabitants, guests are sure to enjoy the peace and quiet of this remote area.

Iglú de Madera - $63/night 
1 hour 30 minutes from Barcelona, Spain


4. A Bubble in Hormigos

Sleep under a panoramic view of the stars in the comfort of your own luxurious bubble tent just outside of Madrid. Each equipped with its own bathroom, telescope, and canopy bed for on-demand privacy, the bubble tents at Miluna are the perfect retreat for anyone wanting a unique experience. The property offers outdoor activities such as horse trails, golf, wine and food tastings, as well as a spa with massages and a zero-gravity floatation tank available.

Miluna, Open Nature Rooms - $251/night 
1 hour from Madrid, Spain


5. A Medieval Vault in Toledo

Built into the historic walls in the center of Toledo, this luxury apartment was recently restored while still preserving its ancient fixtures and columns. The interior is tastefully and luxuriously designed, offering amenities like an espresso machine, Bluetooth audio configuration, and curated playlists to choose from on the unit’s tablet. Though you will find yourself in the most historic neighborhood of this ancient city, the apartment’s modern conveniences are there to remind you haven’t been transported through a time machine.

The Cave of Toledo - $63/night 
1 hour from Madrid, Spain


6. A Caterpillar Tent in Facinas

Orugami is a place to disconnect, relax, and feel at one with nature. With an outdoor shower and expansive views, guests can appreciate the peaceful atmosphere near the southern-most tip of Spain. The custom tent has a spacious interior and comfortable beds, with both indoor and outdoor seating areas to enjoy the fresh air. Guests can explore the property and take advantage of the pool, indoor patios, and dining hall.

Orugami - Inside the Caterpillar - $53/night 
6 hours from Lisbon, Portugal


7. A Teepee in Zújar

For lakeside living in a roomy (7m diameter) teepee, look no further than Mount Jabalcon in scenic Granada. Each teepee has its own outdoor area with a picnic table and gas barbecue, as well as private adjacent bathroom with a shower. Ideal for big families, the spacious teepee has one king bed, four single beds, and plenty of nearby activities to keep everybody entertained.

Many Mountains Tipi at Casa Bella Tipis - $79/night 
4 hours 30 minutes from Madrid, Spain


8. A Castle in Buenache de Alarcón

The perfect stop along a drive from Madrid to the coast, this castle in Buenache de Alarcón is a great place to relax and feel transported back in time. With four bedrooms and five beds, the castle can accommodate eight guests, making it a great option for families or groups of friends looking to get out of the bustle of city life. With a private pool and vineyard, guests can enjoy sprawling views in every direction, or cozy up in the castle’s homey interior.

Castillo de Barambio - $285/night 
2 hours from Madrid, Spain


9. A Treehouse in Gargantilla del Lozoya

Gargantilla del Lozoya is a glamping destination, with this treehouse as one of its most popular options. Located on a campground offering tennis, mountain biking, ping-pong, a pool, convenience store, and more, the property is a fun place for kids to enjoy plenty of activities, and for parents to feel like kids again. The treehouse has four beds, a private deck with seating area, and a hammock down below.

Cabaña en el Árbol 3 - $90/night 
1 hour from Madrid, Spain


10. A Cave in Villarrubia

Built into the walls of a stone quarry in Córdoba, this cave house is tastefully and minimally designed to feel the connection with the earth in which it is built. A stylish option for travelers looking for a unique stay, the property has a pool and a farm and is only two kilometers from the nearest town. With records of the quarry supplying stones used in Arab palaces during the 10th century, guests can appreciate the timelessness of such a historic place.

Suite in Nature, Cave House - $154/night 
4 hours from Madrid, Spain


11. A Dome House in Zahora

For a truly unique experience, you can stop in Zahora on your drive along Spain’s southern coast and stay in an architectural dome house. Described by past guests as a “relaxing retreat to come home to”, La Perla is a fun option for a couple, or 4 people can rent both domes. The property is close to the sea and several natural reserves, making it a great place to relax and rejuvenate.

Espació La Perla - $57/night 
6 hours from Lisbon, Portugal


12. A Windmill in Murcia

Unlike any other loft you have stayed in before, this three story windmill can comfortably accommodate four guests. The tranquil space is surrounded by citrus orchards and close to nearby Murcia, where guests can find plenty of restaurants, shops, supermarkets, and other conviences. Hundreds of reviews name this listing as one of the most interesting places guests have ever stayed.

Windmill Inside an Orchard - $48/night 
4 hours from Madrid, Spain


13. A Yurt in Facinas

As if you were staying inside a kaleidoscope, the colorful interior makes this geodesic dome a vibrant and energizing retreat on a natural preserve. The dome is near the property’s main guest house but hidden behind trees and bushes making the space feel private and disconnected. The outdoor shower offers panoramic views and each dome has a private deck to enjoy time in the sun while immersed in nature.

Geodesic Dome and Cozy Space in Nature - $59/night 
6 hours from Lisbon, Portugal


14. An Architectural Landmark in Calpe

La Muralla Roja is an architectural landmark on the coast of Spain, and this colorful apartment offers stunning sea views and seemingly endless corners to explore with each lookout offering a new perspective. Only a 10 minute walk to the center of town and just 50 meters from the coast, this option is perfect for families looking for an escape to the seaside.

Apartment in La Muralla Roja - $91/night 
4 hours 30 minutes from Barcelona, Spain


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