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PoligonMas Blau II, Avinguda de les Garrigues - Carrer de l'alt Camp: El Prat de Llobregat









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Long Term Car Rentals/Car Leases - Barcelona

Barcelona is Spain's second largest city. Situated on the north-eastern coast of the Iberian Peninsula, Barcelona enjoys a Mediterranean climate with temperatures approaching 70 degrees as early as April and as late as November. The city itself has a population of 1.6 million and its outlying area includes another 2.5 million. Whether you pick up your car rental in Barcelona or end your trip there, you will find no shortage of things to do and places to see. The beautiful beaches, gardens and historic sites will surely enhance your European vacation. So will renting or leasing your car from AutoFrance. You may want to consider driving your car rental about 90 miles to Tossa de Mar. Great beach, restaurants and lovely gardens.

For Long Term Rates (21-175 Days)

Auto France has been providing car leases and long term car rentals in Barcelona since 1991. Much of what we've learned about various locations was provided to us by long-time, loyal car rental clients. All tips related to leasing a car in Barcelona are very much appreciated. We also urge our clients to share pictures and stories with us, we'd love to include them in our car rental blog.  

Short Term Car Rental Europe

Short Term Rental Car in Barcelona

Looking for a short term car rental in Barcelona? As of 2017, we are happy to introduce short term Peugeot rentals in Barcelona with the same exact all-inclusive benefits you would expect from the long term Peugeot lease program with Auto France.

Simply choose your dates (as few as 5 days) and see the discount apply to your Barcelona car rental rate during the quote process automatically, no coupon code needed.

Short Term Car Rental Europe




Average temperatures
January   10ºC/50ºF
February   13ºC/55ºF
March   13ºC/55ºF
April   14ºC/57ºF
May   21ºC/70ºF
June   21ºC/70ºF
July   25ºC/77ºF
August   25ºC/77ºF
September   22ºC/72ºF
October   18ºC/64ºF
November   16ºC/61ºF
December   12ºC/54ºF