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11 Castles in Europe You Can Actually Stay in

11 Castles in Europe You Can Actually Stay in

If staying in a castle during your dream European road trip is on your bucket list, read on to see our list of highly-rated properties that you can rent in full or by individual room. Visiting a castle is like traveling back in time, before modern luxuries like air travel or Airbnb for that matter. Ranging from fairly remote to more convenient, these properties are all restored and best reached by car


1.Tawstock Castle in Barnstaple, England

With room for eight guests, this beautifully restored 18th century castle features ornate finishes and plenty of space for hosting or entertaining. The castle sits on eight acres of wide open space, making the property a tranquil retreat for families or groups of friends.

An enchanting Grade II listed 18th century Bailey castle with 360 degree views – $416/night for the entire 4-bedroom castle

3 hours from Heathrow Airport, London


2. Castle ten Berghe in Brugge, Belgium

Staying at Ten Berghe Castle

Complete with a moat, lookout spots, and pointed towers, Castle ten Berg is likely what you would imagine if you were told you close your eyes and picture yourself in a fairytale castle. Highly rated as the best Airbnb experiences guests have ever had, this castle is only 4 km from old town Brugge, making it both memorable and convenient.

Castle in Bruges (Room Number 1) – $233/night for one private room

1 hour 30 minutes from Brussels, Belgium


3. Melville Castle in Edinburgh, Scotland

The historic Melville Castle is located on a sprawling 50-acre estate just outside the bustling center of Edinburgh. Steeped in history and designed in the 1700’s by a famous Scottish architect, this property is sure to delight any visitor, whether you stay for just one night or opt for an extended stay.

Elegant 18th Century Castle – $115/night for one private room

7 hours from Heathrow Airport, London


4. Santa Marta de Portuzelo Castle in Viana do Castelo, Portugal

With a view of the nearby ocean and river, delightful landscaping, and a private pool on the property, guests can rent 9 of the 12 total bedrooms of this family owned castle. Often chosen as a venue for weddings, this property feels like a remote getaway while only being 40 minutes away from major metropolitan centers.

Santa Marta de Portuzelo Castle – $585/night for 9 bedrooms in the castle

45 minutes from Porto, Portugal, or 1 hour from Vigo, Spain

     Special history note shared by Castle Owner:

Historical-Artistic Note: The current palace of Portuzelo originates from a medieval property (safe existence in the thirteenth century), protected by a manor house at the time held by Fernão Lobo and his wife, D. Ana Lobo Barreto. Unfortunately, nothing is known about the original configuration of the set, lost in successive renovations that went through the story. At the end of the seventeenth century, the property was still in the possession of the descendants of that couple, and D. Maria Lobo promoted an integral renovation of the palace. Also this last campaign of works has not arrived to our days. In 1853, being proprietor António Pereira da Cunha, began the monumental romantic palace that today is known. The intention of the owner was to update the residence to the taste then in vogue in Austria and Germany, where he had moved to attend the christening of the son of D. Miguel I. The result was a unique project in the Alto Minho. It is a rectangular, regular building enriched by a higher central tower in the middle of the courtyard, evoking the characteristic Romanesque towers.


5. Burg Clam in Sperken, Austria

Nestled in the hilly forest of Oberösterreich, Austria, Burg Clam is a stunning castle originally built in 1149. Having experienced multiple wars, sieges, and hostile takeovers, the castle has been destroyed and restored several times over the past hundreds of years. Today the property hosts weddings, events, and even has its own concert schedule. Definitely refer to the concert schedule here when making your reservation, to ensure that you have a peaceful and tranquil stay by avoiding the events, or book coinciding a concert for a truly memorable and unique experience.

Berg Clam – $305/night for one private room

3 hours from Munich, Germany


6. Bath Lodge Castle in Bath, England

With classical architectural design and modern interiors, this castle is a delightful option for accommodation in the quaint English countryside. The town of Bath is known for its ancient Roman baths, now on view at a museum, which have inspired more modern pools and spas in the area.  For centuries Bath has been a center for relaxing, healing, and leisure.

Bath Lodge Castle 6/7 – $264 for two private rooms

2 hours from Heathrow Airport, London


7. Chateau Trebesice in Trebesice, Czech Republic

Once abandoned, Chateau Trebesice has since returned to its original splendor. With its lush gardens and expertly decorated interiors, no detail is forgotten and all guests are sure to have a memorable stay. Five-star reviews mention their favorite aspects of the property are the arched ceilings and library with thousands of books.

Chateau Trebesice – $146/night for one private room

4 hours from Munich, Germany


8. Blackcraig Castle in Ballintuim, Scotland

Especially enchanting during the winter months when covered in snow, the Blackcraig Castle is a retreat for travelers who enjoy outdoor activities, hiking, and clear views of the night sky. The two-bedroom suite is a comfortable choice for small families or a group of friends, with double or twin bedroom configurations available on request.

Scottish Highland Castle, Blackcraig Garden Apt - $155/night for one private room

8 hours from Heathrow Airport, London


9. Kasteel Geulzicht in Berg en Terblijt, Netherlands

Kasteel Geulzicht, Torenkamer –  $193/night for one private room

This romantic and beautifully restored castle has been converted to a hotel, with the tower room offering sweeping views of the Dutch countryside. Because the hotel is open only to guests and not the public, you can expect a tranquil and relaxing stay. Located at the edge of Ingendael nature reserve, this hotel offers unrivaled privacy while still being within a convenient distance to neighboring towns.

2 hours from Amsterdam, the Netherlands


10. Santa Susanna Castle in Catalonia, Spain

This 16th century castle was restored as a luxurious ocean-view villa along Spain’s Costa Brava. WIth lush tropical gardens, a private pool, and colorful interiors, guests can enjoy the seclusion of this tucked-away villa and still conveniently access nearby beaches. Ideal for large families or groups of friends, the property offers a non-traditional take on a castle-stay in Europe.

Castle, private pool, A/C, ping-pong, sea views – $304/night for entire 5-bedroom castle

1 hour from Barcelona, Spain


11. Froidcour Castle in Stoumont, Belgium

Overlooking the valleys below, travelers visiting Belgium are invited to stay at the top of the castle’s tower. Though the room may inspire a princess-trapped-in- the-castle fantasy, guests are free to come and go as they please. Equipped with modern conveniences like heating, wifi, and cooking supplies, guests can relax and enjoy their stay in the quaint village of Stoumount.

Le nid du faucon – majestueux donjon de Froidcour – $129/night for one private room

1 hour 30 minutes from Brussels, Belgium


For travelers who prefer to explore at their own pace and wander off the beaten path, consider a long-term rental or short-term lease through the Auto France Open Europe Program. With no additional fees for picking-up and dropping-off in different locations, you could even create your own itinerary to visit several of the castles listed above on a single trip. For more information about our program or to choose from our fleet of brand new 2019 Peugeot Models, click here.

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