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Traveling through Europe: Should I Drive or Take a Train? 10 Reasons Why It is Better to Drive

Traveling through Europe: Should I Drive or Take a Train? 10 Reasons Why It is Better to Drive

When planning your travels through Europe, one of your most important considerations is transportation. Among the most popular options are taking a train, reserving a long-term car rental, or choosing a short-term lease. Read on to learn the advantages of driving yourself and see how to get the most out of your time spent in Europe.

1. Cost savings for multiple people

For families or groups of friends, the combined cost of train tickets can add up quickly. You can transport your group of five, or even eight, all over Europe for less than the cost of taking trains though several major cities. Travelers that choose to drive across Europe instead of take trains can also cover more ground for less.


2. You would likely need to arrange additional transportation from the train station to your final destination anyway

Unless you are staying within walking distance of the station, you will need to take a taxi or arrange for a driver to take you to your final destination after arriving to your stop. Taxi drivers picking up from places like train stains or transit centers are likely to charge more than a normal, already expensive fare. If you drive yourself in a car, you can pull up directly to your accommodation.

3. You get to see remote areas

When you take a train, you only have as many options as there are stops. By driving a car, you and your passengers will have the freedom to access areas that are more remote and off the beaten path. Especially if you are a more spontaneous traveler, the mobility of a car will allow you to take that unplanned detour or change your course if you so please.


4. You can access destinations that would otherwise need an expensive tour bus

Many famous landmarks that are only accessed by road will oftentimes see bus-loads of tourists and travelers. If you prefer to explore on your own, you can even save money by driving yourself to the attraction, and being on your own schedule once you are there. By doing some research, you could even find out the typical schedule when tour buses arrive and depart, and coordinate your visit to stagger their times leaving you to enjoy the attraction with less crowds.

5. You are not limited to the train’s schedule

Having the freedom to come and go as you wish has its perks. You can sleep in or take your time enjoying your breakfast without the worry of missing your train. If you are eager to get going and prefer to be ahead of schedule, you take off and be on your way. If you are unfamiliar with the stations, arriving early enough to ensure you make the train can also mean you spent a considerable amount of time waiting at the stop. Sometimes the train can be delayed, which could possibly disrupt travel plans especially if you were to miss a connection.


6. If you see something beautiful along the way you can stop and spend as much time as you like

One of the best things about riding a train is to look outside the window and admire the beautiful scenery. But what if you saw those gorgeous views and had the ability to stop and take it all in? With a car, you are able to really explore as you go and get to know each town or village you stop in.

7. You have a place to store your luggage when you need it

Though it comes with some risk, having your own private car means you can lock your suitcases and luggage away while you walk around a town or want to relax on the beach, without having to lug heavy bags around. Be sure to cover your belongings when leaving your car unattended, and don’t leave anything visible from the car’s windows.

8. You get to know the geography first hand and truly explore

Learning to navigate in an unfamiliar place develops a skill set that truly defines a traveler. Though all of our vehicle models have a GPS option, sometimes getting lost is part of the fun!


9. You don’t have to deal with crowds or noisy train passengers

Having your own car means you have privacy, and the ability to talk as you please or play music as loudly as you want. When riding a train without reserved seating, the rush to get on can leave you sitting somewhere that is less-than-ideal, or apart from the rest of your party. You are unable to control who you sit next to on a public train, meaning you could be stuck across from the overly affectionate couple, or the gentleman enjoying a foul-smelling snack. And hey, if you are the one enjoying foul-smelling snacks, then you could do so without judgement in the privacy of your own car!


10. If you enjoy driving, it’s a plus

If you are simply the type of traveler that loves to drive then the answer is clear! The adventurous feeling that only comes while driving through Europe is sure to leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. The thrill of driving a European-designed and European-made car in Europe is an unmatched experience, and we are here to help coordinate your short-term lease for the road trip of your dreams.

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