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Top 5 Driving Roads In The Netherlands

Filled with enrichment and history, the Netherlands makes up some of the best views in Europe, containing canals, architecture, and history. The cities and towns make up a wide range of areas to visit while driving in the Netherlands, including some narrow and sometimes spacious roads. You will drive comfortably through these old paths, finding there is no better way to see the country than on the road.


Amsterdam to Rotterdam

Driving in Netherlands can be exciting and highly enriching, as there's plenty to view when driving from one city to another. Historical buildings and locations make up much of the country. See some of the best sites the Netherlands has to offer starting from the capital city, Amsterdam, and explore its canals, parks, and architectural history.


Needless to say, Amsterdam ranks as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. The first stop will lead you to Utretcht, where there's a mixture of modern and ancient architecture. It's the fourth-largest city in the country and home to the Old Catholic Church and the main Protestant Church. It's also home to the largest university in the Netherlands and supports many other colleges. The next stop is Rotterdam, the second largest city in the country. Explore its urban architecture and unique historical sites. It's home to many festivals including the Summer Carnival and the Dance Parade.


Den Helder to The Hague

Starting from the northern region of the Netherlands, begin with Den Helder where the country's main naval base is located. Its architecture and museums make up some of the oldest areas. Drive through one of Den Helder’s oldest Dutch provinces, Julianadorp, which is filled with classic Dutch homes and countryside.


Rich with history, the first stop is in the historical capital of the Netherlands, Haarlem, where theater, historical buildings, and concerts are its main attractions. Haarlem has the most museums in the country and it's home to many beer breweries. Next stop is The Hague, the third largest city in the country. Such museums as Escher in het Paleis and Mauritshuis are located here. This urban area has many canals to enjoy and spacious streets to drive through. The city plays a major role in the Dutch parliament, and it's home to the many foreign embassies.


The Hague to Europoort

The Hague is a major spot to stop off for some shopping. Afterward, the first stop from The Hague is the Deift, a small historical city that's simply breathtaking. Enjoy an amazing view of the city from the square at Niewekerk. As it sits near a canal, the city provides a unique windmill that's positioned in the midst of winding streets alongside three major churches and museums.


The next stop is Europoort, a very industrial area of the Netherlands. There are several rivers that can be viewed including Rhine and Meuse. The city is considered the Hook of Holland, as it provides many refineries and storage tanks.


Groningen to Zwolle

Groningen is the largest city located in the northern region of the country. Filled with some narrow streets and canals, this city makes driving in the Netherlands a little more adventurous with amazing views of landscaping. Various buildings have portions of their structure hanging over a canal. Make a stop at the Fort Bourtange, a village built in the 18th century in shapes of stars.


First stop is the capital province of Drenthe and the home of motorcycle racing, Assen. Museums and monumental buildings are beautiful to see when driving through this city. Next stop is Zwolle where you'll get a view of rivers and canals. There are narrow streets that will lead you to this province of Overijssel as it sits on top of a hill.


Utrecht to Maastricht

Located in the Eastern region of the Netherlands, Utrecht has a lively nightlife and architecture. The streets are filled with a mixture of college students to religious patrons. First stop is Nijimegen, located near Germany and near the Waal River. It’s one of the three oldest cities in the country at almost 2,000 years old. It’s filled with hilly and winding roads, making driving there a thrilling adventure. Take the next stop at Eindhoven where wide streets offer easy driving and sports arenas, towers, and cathedrals offer plenty to see. Next stop is Maastricht, famous for its lively festivals and nightlife. Here, the streets are narrow and fitted near two rivers.


Despite the age of these cities and many historical areas that are continuously maintained, the streets of the Netherlands can sometimes be challenging to drive on. However, most make it easy to view the city and appreciate the history. When renting your transportation, there are many areas throughout Europe that you can pick up a Peugeot including GermanyBelguim, and France. In the Netherlands, the best location is in Amsterdam

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