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Tips for Students Traveling in Europe

When you are young and active it seems that the itch for travel and adventure is at its strongest. Whether you are traveling abroad for academic purposes or you are just looking for an exciting way to spend your break, a trip to Europe can be a good way to satisfy your thirst for adventure and your craving for enriching experiences. If you are a student looking to travel in Europe, you will want to plan ahead and consider some important details before you begin your trip. With that in mind, here are a few helpful tips for students traveling in Europe. 

Money Tips

If there is anything that college students could always use more of, it is money. We know you just want to enjoy your trip and not think about how much you are spending but if you do not consider your budget ahead of time you will find yourself in a more stressful situation in the long run. Planning ahead will help you enjoy your trip more knowing that all of your expenses will be covered. It is important to plan out a budget beforehand so you know everywhere that your money will be going and even leave room for any unexpected expenses. If your trip is still not for awhile it is a good idea to start saving now. Expenses will add up quickly and you want to be prepared. 

You will be using currency or currencies that are not native to your bank account so one of the most important things you can do is devise a plan around how you are accessing your cash while aborad

Do Your Research

An important part of planning your trip is to research the area where you will be staying ahead of time. We know you know how to use Google so this should not be hard for you. Find out places to eat that will not break the bank and find less expensive sleeping options like renting a house with friends or staying at a B&B. Make sure you are worrying about all those boring details now so that later you can just enjoy your time stress-free. 

Research Traveling as Student in Europe

Travel in a Group

It is a good idea to travel in a group of friends when visiting Europe. Traveling with other people in an area of the world that you are unfamiliar with is smart because it helps you stay safe and save money. With a group of friends, you can pool your resources for things like food, lodging, and transportation. And if you have a friend who has visited before, you will have an advantage when it comes to knowing all the right places to go and things to see. Not to mention, Life-altering experiences are just better when you are in good company. 

Student Group Travel Europe

Rent a Car

When it comes to getting around while you are in Europe, you will want to find a means of transportation that will be economical and convenient. Rather than rely on public transportation, we of course recommend you rent a car. Auto France is a US based rental car company that provides "all-inclusive" rental cars to US citizens who are traveling to Europe. If you are a student traveling with friends, we have SUV options for you to make your trip a fun and more convenient time with options to add various roof rack, bike and ski accessories. Your car will be your home away from home while you are traveling abroad and will be the place where you create memories and share some of your greatest moments with your friends.  

car rental tips for students in europe

Auto France is an economical option for US students needing a car rental for an extended period of time during their European travels for many reasons - one of which is that the minimum car rental age is 18 rather than 25 and we won't penalize you for being young. Your parents will also feel at ease knowing that you are the first driver of the car we bring you as every Auto France vehicle is brand new from the factory with zero miles on it so if they are picturing you stranded on the side of a european road - you can say fret no more parental units, fret no more.

If you have any questions about renting a car for your trip, please contact us. We will answer any questions and do our best to make sure your transportation needs are taken care of so that your stay is as enjoyable as possible. 

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