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The Top Hiking Locations in Europe: Where You'll Find the World's Best Scenery

Finding the top hiking locations in Europe is well worth the effort, since Europe arguably has scenery that outdoes anything found in other continents. They don't call it the Old World for nothing, possibly in part because there are still so many unvarnished places to get away from it all.

Nevertheless, you're maybe looking for places that are reasonably accessible. Many hiking locations in Europe depend on what you're able to endure. While you've likely found easier hiking trails in America, Europe has far more mountainous regions that can tax you physically.

Yet if you're looking to get yourself in better shape and want the best photographic moments, Europe is your top destination.

Take a look at what you should place on your bucket list to literally see the top of the world.

Tour du Mont Blanc

Hiking Tour du Mont Blanc

If you're looking to hike in the highest peaks, this area is one of the best throughout Europe. With Mount Blanc being the tallest mountain in the European Union, you have a real hiking challenge here. 

Despite starting in France, you have 105 miles of terrain covering the mountain's summit to numerous valleys. This means you can literally hike through three countries, namely France, Switzerland, and Italy.

This isn't all backwoods territory either. You'll have opportunity to visit various alpine villages along the way. These all have hostels and high-end resorts so you don't have to camp outdoors.

Visit the hiking trail's website to look into bookings. When you visit there, you can also set up a hike best suited to your fitness level.

The Bernese Oberland Trails

Hiking Bernese Oberland Trails

No doubt you've had a desire to do some hiking somewhere in the Alps for years. The Bernese Oberland is the best place to do this in the safest possible way. For those who remember the stunning scenery from "The Sound of Music", you'll find a lot of territory here that brings the same essence.

What makes this hike so stunning is the pastoral variety of each trail. You can find everything from waterfalls to standard and seemingly endless meadows. At the same time, you'll see the peaks of mountains like Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau.

It's a very customized hike, which means you can book one-day hikes all the way or days-long expeditions.


Knivskjellodden Ocean Overlook

This Norwegian hiking trail is hard to pronounce for some, yet it's the ultimate place if you're looking for more desolate trails and scenery. There really isn't any place like it throughout Europe, and it gives you a chance to see Norway from a different perspective.

Available to hike only in the summer, Knivskjellodden runs about 5.6 miles through moderately challenging terrain. Many think the Nordkapp Plateau is the northernmost point in Europe. Hiking experts quickly point out that Knivskjellodden is where you can truly say you reached Europe's northern peak.

West Highland Way

West Highland Way Scenery

Okay Auto France does not have a hub in Scotland, actually the closest pickup and return location we have would be London, but this list wasn't going to be complete without a tip of the balmoral bonnet to one of our favorite places on earth. Nobody should miss the beautiful scenic wonders in Scotland. The West Highland Way lets you see the stunning and ancient trails through the Scottish highlands.

For this hike, you'll go from Milngavie to Carbeth to start, which can take a full day on its own. Anyone fit enough to take on the full excursion will end the hike in Fort William where you can see the lengthy seashore, Loch Linne. In Fort William, you'll see the highest mountain in Britain known as Ben Nevis.  

west highland way trail map

Once you end your hike, don't forget to ride on the steam train called The Jacobite. Used as the Hogwarts Express in the "Harry Potter" films, and it takes you through 84 miles of more stunning scenery. Keep in mind, though, it only operates from May to October.

Non-pro tip from a dumb-dumb: If you are planning to camp while you hike, be mindful of where you lay your tent if it is going to straddle one of the many loch's that make up Scotland's countryside. From personal experience, i've woken up in a brackish puddle not realizing that many of the Loch's have there own tidal patterns being so close to the coast! It's all part of the experience is what we told ourselves walking in soggy socks for the morning.

While you do these hikes, you'll need a reliable car to get you there. Contact us here at Auto France to learn more about our long-term car rentals through Peugeot.

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