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The Best Places To Eat In Barcelona: An Epicurean Adventure in Spain

So you're traveling throughout Spain and you'd like to treat yourself to one of the best places to eat in Barcelona. Where do you begin? In this blog post, we're going to give you some of the best places to eat in Barcelona, and what you can expect from each restaurant. It's our hope that you find Barcelona to be an epicurean adventure as much as a cultural adventure!


This all-white restaurant is very intimate (it seats less than 60 people), so it's advisable to make your reservations far in advance. In addition, it's part of a hotel of the same name, so you may be competing with hotel guests for tables if you don't make a proper reservation. Nevertheless, this is a 2 star Michelin restaurant under the direction of Chef Jordi Cruz, and the wide variety of gastronomical experiences on the reasonably-priced prix fixe menu is sure to make you leave full and satisfied.


This is a funky favorite with the locals, and its rock-bottom prices will make it worth every penny. It's a fusion restaurant that combines the best of Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine, and its extensive wine list specializes strictly in local wines. However, like ABAC before it, Uma is a very small place—and some people wait for more than 6 months to get a much-coveted table! With that said, by all accounts, it's certainly worth the wait.


This restaurant is named after a part of an elderberry plant that is claimed to have restorative powers. This is a very exclusive restaurant and reservations need to be made far in advance. However, this is the perfect place to go for authentic morcillo(black pudding), which comes highly recommended on the menu and is well recommended by locals and tourists as well. Sauc is found in the luxurious OhLa Hotel.

The Box: Need a break from all the high-end gastronomic food? Just want some comfort food from back home in the USA? Stop by The Box, which is rated as the top pub in Barcelona by TripAdvisor. In addition to gourmet-style hot dogs (such as the one topped with bacon and cheese), you can find other delicacies like chili chocolate and chili-infused rum. Best of all, visitors say that The Box gives generous portions to its patrons, so come with an empty stomach and a hearty appetite!

Bodega Biarritz

If pork is more your speed, you need to stop by Bodega Biarritz and get one of the many plates that are filled to the brim with porcine delicacies. One of the best recommended dishes on the menu is the pork croquette, which is like a tater tot...with a twist. Of course, there are plenty of vegetarian options as well, and the home-made mojitos are the perfect drink compliment to any meal. A word of note, however: this is a cash-only establishment; no credit cards are accepted, so make sure you cash a traveler's check or pull out money from an ATM.

Cinc Sentits

Finally, but certainly no less importantly, is the centrally located Cinc Sentits (Latin, "Five Senses"). This high-end gastronomical experience doesn't disappoint when it comes to pleasing all five senses, and the fusion menu prepared by Chef Jordi Artal has earned rave reviews all over Spain. Cinc Sentits prides itself on a tasting menu system, and the food is always paired with the best wines from the region...all at a reasonable price.

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