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Short Term Peugeot Lease Vs. Traditional Car Rental In Europe

Although VAT Tax updates in Europe are not the most riveting of news events, they do warrant some thought.  News that the standard French VAT (tax) is set to increase from 19.6% to an even 20% starting Jan 1, 2014 has surfaced recently. While .4% surely isn’t enough to get into a tizzy about, it drives home a couple of points that we have been evangelizing for years at Auto France. It really isn’t about the .4% at all.  The .4% increase is just a glaring reminder of the other ugly side of the number which is the 19.6% tax that is and has been for years tacked onto all normal French car rentals.

Does that 20% enhance the quality or reliability of the car rental? Will it guarantee you the exact vehicle model you chose and whether or not it will be automatic or manual transmission?  In actuality, what you are getting is a service that is increasingly similar in price to a short term Peugeot lease however with very little else in common. This isn’t an “Anti-Tax”  article whatsoever, however if you were given the choice to either pay taxes for a run of the mill service or not pay taxes and receive a premium service, which would you choose? AT&T was onto something with their “It’s not complicated” adverts!

So in light of the tax increase, we got to thinking about some of the other terms that set us apart from a regular car rental, so we put together a comparison chart reflecting our Peugeot lease vs. traditional car rentals in France. The next time you’re chatting with friends about travel in Europe and how “cheap” their car rental will be, we’ve provided you with the facts as to what it means to be a discerning traveler. It pays to do your homework when you’re taking the trip of a lifetime!


by: Matthew Volpe

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