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A Travel Trend Of Short Stays in Europe

Short Stays - Europe's Hot Travel Trend

What might be the next great thing for U.S.. travelers to Europe? Let's talk mild weather and short stays. The most recent data from travel industry specialists indicate that guests are trending away from snow-capped mountains and long stays at the same place. They like it mild and mobile.

Climate Matters: 

Spain has been in high demand among travelers. Top picks within Spain as destinations are Barcelona, Madrid and Palma de Mallorca. Milder weather was the main reason cited for opting for Spain. The Mediterranean climate of Spain is most often characterized by its hot summers. However, for travelers getting away during winter months, they can avoid the worst winter weather in Spain. The season is typically mild, albeit wet and rainy. And, of course, there are many other great places in Europe that offer mild climates year round.


Short Stays Empower: 

US Travel Stats

Kind of a fun chart from the US travel Association but what is perhaps most interesting to note in their article is that on average, U.S.. citizens who travel to Europe tend to stay at least 18 nights. Longer than you would think. For many, the chance to see Europe is the trip of a lifetime. You want to explore and soak up as much culture as possible while there. This tends to mean that the trend toward  "hospitality hopping" is common. Staying one or two nights in one place allows enough time to explore the local sights then move on to new things. One of the great parts about traveling Europe is the amount of changes you can encounter between cultures, foods & landscape in short distances, both time and spacial. 

The Best Short Stay Ideas: 

Festivals dominate the scene of short stay travelers. Here are some of the best places and exciting festivals or holidays to plan a short-stay around:

  • Christmas in Paris - after all, it is the "City of Lights".
  • New Year in Italy - Guests enjoy a 2 for 1 celebration: the New Year and La Festa di San Silvestro celebrated with great food, dancing & fireworks.
  • Calcotada Festival in Spain - Celebrate the most amazing barbecue in Europe.
  • Oktoberfest in Germany - Raise a stein where lager rules!
  • King's Day in Amsterdam - Biggest street party in the entire world!
  • Sziget Festival - Budapest's "Island of Freedom" music festival.

The Flexibility Of Driving: 

Renting a car while traveling in Europe enables travelers to be mobile and independent. Although Europe boasts inter-connectedness via rail and other efficient public transportation services, it just makes sense to rent a car if you want to make the most of your time there. There is nothing that replaces the freedom of having your own wheels. 

It's Not That Hard: 

It's actually a common misconception of America's to  think about is driving on the "wrong" side of the road when traveling in Europe, rest assured this is only true to the UK.  The reality is that driving in Europe is really not that much different from navigating U.S.. roads. Just keep in mind that you may encounter many roads that are much narrower than you are accustomed to. Don't be dismayed if you wind up touring a round-about a few times before you get it right, it actually becomes quite fun.

Roundabout Sign France

A few things to keep in mind. Unlike the U.S.., most of Europe bans the use of cell phones while driving unless a headset is used. Many countries require headlights used at all times, even during the day (luckily 95% of our Peugeot's have automatic lighting anyway). Although we enjoy the convenience of a right turn on red, it is not allowed in Europe unless there is a sign authorizing it. Nuances, differences and unfamiliarity with local laws may seem overwhelming but simply doing a little bit of research on the country you are going to be driving in can save you from any headaches.

What You Need: 

Bring along your driver's license and a credit card (and passport of course by default).  When you reserve your car, be sure to do it  in advance so you can get the best price and best availability of the exact vehicle you want. If you are ready to book your trip and arrange your car rental in Europe, just contact us we are happy to help even if you're just in the beginning of your planning stages. When booking an international car rental, experience matters. We at Auto France has been helping clients get around Europe on their own since 1991 and we would love opportunity to help you, too.

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