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How To Choose The Best Airline Seats

First of all, have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend and a big thank you to any veterans and current armed forces! An extended weekend gives you some time to start looking over your travel plans.You know the drill. It usually starts with some online research, then perhaps a purchase of airline tickets and finally a call or online visit to Auto France to start looking for the perfect car lease in France (we hope so at least on the last part). But there is a reason clients come to Auto France year after year, and we think it has something to do with the comfort provided by our brand new vehicles. Not just comfort as in a warm fuzzy feeling that a brand new vehicle brings but we mean the physical comfort of the ride.  As you know, in order to have a seat in your brand new Peugeot, you will first be subject to a lengthy flight across the pond in a different kind of seat. Unless you’ve chartered a private jet, it may not always be the most comfortable of rides. One helpful tool when you’re booking a flight online or doing an online “check-in” is the seat selector that most airlines provide. However, you have to know what you’re looking at. That is where by Tripadvisor comes in.  It’s essentially a website that lets you have a detailed look at your planes seating arrangement and offers small bits of info and tips on what seats to choose and why.  It’s super easy to use because it lets you look up your plane type by airline which narrows the search down quickly. Just don’t tell everyone because we can’t all have great seats!

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