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How Getting to Know Your Car Can Help You Get the Most Out of Your Long-Term Car Rental

"Hello, dear Peugeot. How are you? I'm excited to get to know you!"

We'll venture a guess that no car rental has ever begun with this conversation. But—and we don’t mean to get too weird here—maybe it should!

Long-term car rentals may not be as common as their countless short-term alternatives, but in a variety of situations, they make perfect sense. You may be a student studying abroad, a retiree exploring Europe, or a businessperson on a long business assignment. No matter your reason, buying a car just for your trip often doesn't make sense and using a traditional car rental for long-term needs is plain ridiculous. No doubt, a long-term Peugeot rental (AKA short-term leasing, as well as many other nomenclatures) is usually the best alternative outside of public transportation.

And to get the most out of your long-term car rental, it's crucial to get to know your car.

Just What Car Are You Getting?

Before you even begin your trip, you should familiarize yourself at least somewhat with the car you'll be driving. For example, we offer a number of Peugeot models for a variety of needs, from the family-friendly 308SW and 5008 models to the sporty RCZ and 308CC alternatives. Chances are, your situation will dictate just which model you choose for your needs.

But once you make that choice, why not learn a bit more about the car you'll spend the next few months driving extensively?

By "getting to know your car," we mean more than just taking a look at the vehicle's specs. Those are certainly important: You'll want to know whether you'll be driving with a manual or automatic transmission, whether the car is equipped with a GPS, or how many people you can fit into the seats. But it never hurts to go beyond those details.

Especially if you're an American citizen, there's a good chance you only know Peugeots from the Internet or television screen. The carmaker stopped selling its vehicles in North America in 1991, and though there have been rumors of a return to the continent, nothing is tangible. So we suggest the next best thing: using the internet to your advantage.

Once you choose the model based on the specs we mentioned above, try Googling the model and beginning to read reviews. We especially suggest YouTube, where each Peugeot model has been reviewed in video format by multiple car review services, giving you a better idea of what the car is like. Spoiler alert: Peugeots get pretty good reviews. The Auto France YouTube channel also has a couple of videos that give a firsthand look at a few models, and we plan on adding more this year.


Knowing the Details on Long Drives

When you decide on a long-term car rental, you'll probably be taking your new ride on multiple long-distance trips to visit the many beautiful cities and sites Europe has to offer. And before you go on those trips, you'll probably want to be prepared for all eventualities.

As we've detailed on this blog before, that means knowing the European road signs and at least semi-planning your route, with room for adventure of course. But it also means one more thing: knowing what your car needs and how to get it.

Everyone needs to eat, and a car's food is—obviously—fuel. Reading this post about deciding between diesel and gasoline can go a long way toward preparation in that regard.

But what happens if your car happens to break down? If you decide to take one our lovely Peugeots on a journey, it may make sense for you to visit our general manuals section and read over the Emergency Guide to know just what to do if that unfortunate event does come to pass. Fortunately, Peugeot is a common car maker in Europe and thus the Peugeot network is extensive, making it easy to find an authorized Peugeot dealer (which is required for our warranty purposes).

Before you know it, the big date is here and you get into the car for the first time. Now, instead of that dreaded feeling of unpreparedness, you'll feel confident that you and your Peugeot will conquer the European roads. No, you probably still won't have that conversation we mentioned in the intro—at least not out loud. But you'll have the next best thing: a long-term rental car that you can trust on your way to making memories for a life time. 

Is a long-term trip to Europe in your future? If so, you don't want to miss out on the countless attractions and sites that the continent has to offer. To get started on the process of getting a car you can trust, contact us!

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