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European Road Trip Destinations for Photographers: The Best Places for Photo Balance


In the United States and around the world, there are certainly many scenic places that capture every photographer's eye. Nevertheless, you can't beat Europe for valuing their natural landscapes and refraining from building housing developments over them.

Because most European countries maintain nature and their old buildings, it can become a photographer's dream capturing something almost otherworldly.

As you plan a road trip through Europe, you'll want to find places that give you the best scenery, colors, people, and symmetry. Many locations can provide all of these at once, which is rare to find anywhere else.

Let's plan your road trip and see what photographic adventures await you.

A Road Trip Through Provence, France

This region is one of the true examples where every element coalesces for the perfect photo moment. The South of France already has considerable character, but here you can capture everything from landscapes, seascapes, people, food, and architecture in one day.

A true amazing moment of color is the lavender fields around Provence that turn into a lush purplish tone during the fall months. Many photographers go crazy framing these fields, and you'll have to explain to friends you didn't use a color filter.

Outdoor markets let you photograph food and people. Roman ruins and nearby abbeys give you numerous opportunities to capture creative architectural shots.

Capturing Natural Colors Through Holland

It's rare to capture miles of colorful gardens, even in Europe. Yet, Holland's quaint little towns can help you capture colors like you've never seen. You've likely seen pictures of Holland's blooming tulips in posters and magazines. However, there isn't anything like seeing these in person.

The best town to visit for this is Keukenhof, which is the largest flower garden on earth. This spring is a perfect time to visit to give your camera some color explosion. With flower shows here, you can photograph more than just stunning vistas of tulips.

Plus, don't forget to visit Kinderdijk where you can get stunning photos of windmills and waterways.

Driving Through Tuscany, Italy

If your photographic tastes are more into vineyards and medieval surroundings, Tuscany is the best place in Europe for that. You'll need a reliable car for this because there's miles of curvy roads winding through the bucolic Chianti region.

With miles of vineyards, olive groves, and farming land, you'll find infinite ideas for natural photographs. Ruins from the Etruscan civilization still survive, which help dot all of your landscape portraits.

Annual harvest festivals let you get people and food into your photos. This includes the region's summer music festivals that can let you practice your concert photography skills.

The Southern Regions of Spain

For a warmer climate and considerable energy, consider this region of Spain, namely Andalucia. The latter city is constantly bursting with exciting festivals and other Spanish traditions. As a result, it can give you opportunity to practice your motion photography since you'll see plenty.

Good places to do this include bullfights in the region where you can capture matadors pulling off seemingly impossible stunts. Also, flamenco dancers are everywhere in the Seville region.

For more grandeur in architecture, visit Granada, which has the eye-popping Alhambra as a photographic essential. Not far away are the Sierra Nevada Mountains to give you some scenic backgrounds behind the fun.

Flamenco Dancers Seville Spain
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