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Driving With Winter Tires In Germany From Auto France

The ambiguity of driving laws can often make it difficult to make a decision when it comes to driving in the winter time throughout Europe.

The laws and regulations on winter tires vary greatly from one country to the next, so if you plan to drive through some of the more strict countries, its is better to be safe then sorry.

For example, driving with winter tires in Germany is compulsory from Nov 1- April 15. This is generally true for Switzerland as well if driving through regions of heavy snow and ice.

Certain countries/regions may even require snow chains on their vehicles, however they can ONLY be equipped when there is enough snow coverage on the ground that the road would not be damaged by the chains.

Finding a rental car with snow tires in Germany was at one point a daunting task. Indeed, equipping a car rental in Germany with M&S snow tires was not only hard to come by, but very costly.

Peugeot Open Europe Exclusive: Now If you are picking your Peugeot lease vehicle up at one of our German locations, Auto France offers the Peugeot 3008 and the Peugeot Partner equipped with M&S snow tires and a Peugeot patented Grip Control System that allows for better handling in harsh elements (Not available in Automatic Transmission). The best part is, there is NO extra cost associated with this.
The only thing you have to do is put your online order in for one of our German locations and have Lease start date between Nov 1 2012 - April 15 2013

We will take care of the rest.

Auto France also has snow chains available for purchase with any lease. The winter tire package however is exclusive to our German locations.

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