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Celebrating Cinco de Mayo in France this year? Well yes, but no not really.


     It can be difficult trying to determine what holiday to celebrate when your’e a globetrotter!  Different cultures, different countries, all with various holidays falling on different days of the year, oh my.  Auto France being based in the US with clients (you) all being based in the US, it should be simple right, celebrate US holidays! Not so simple. Our traveling hearts meander across Europe by nature, and our delivery centers and offices are spread across Europe so it’s natural that we want to celebrate every holiday we can get our hands on, foreign and domestic - and so we shall. Not to mention, its important to be cognizant of different cultures if you travel often. Today was a bit confusing - here is why.

Cinco de Mayo v Ascension Day 

Cinco de mayo celebrates the Mexican victory at the battle of Puebla, at the expense of the invading French army and with leader Napoleon III (nephew of famed Napoleon I). Quick recap - Mexico owed France money, the US was busy fighting itself in a Civil War at which point the French decided to send some enforcers over to collect. The city of Puebla, Mexico marks the spot that in 1862 (may 5) the outnumbered Mexican resistance fought and won over the French in a battle that slowed the advancing French from making its way to Mexico City and what could have been a relatively quick victory. This was certainly not the end of a war as France eventually made its way to the crown jewel of Mexico city for a period of time. However it could be argued to be the beginning of the end, or at the very least a well placed speed bump that gave Mexico some breathing room and ability to stalemate until outisde support came from the North. Thus we have, cinco de mayo - a holiday celebrated in Puebla, Mexico and actually majority-wise throughout the US specifically in areas with high concentration of residents with family heritage ties to Mexico.


Battle Of Puebla - Cinco de Mayo

So the question begs - why are the banks closed in France this year on May 5 2016? If you are not familiar with your history, it can seem strange that the French would have a public holiday to commemorate a defeat in battle - rest assured, no one would do that.


This year, the dates just happen to collide and fall on the same day as the Christian holiday in France known as Ascension Day - a time period that marks 40 days after Easter and the day that Jesus ascended to heaven.  Ascension Day always falls on a Thursday, but the calendar date varies by year. Whereas Cinco de Mayo by definition does not change. So what does that leave us with here in the US? Possibly a confusing hangover. The more you know.


Ascension Day France May 5 2016



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