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2016 Coupon and Promo Codes For Auto France via The Peugeot Open Europe Leasing Program

(Revised May 7, 2016)

     Did you know that the best time to book a flight is when the wind blows at just the right speed and the oil prices reach... yeah okay there is no real rhyme or reason. We AREN'T the airlines so here are some concrete ways to save money on your Peugeot lease today for this years epic road trip in Europe!  Remember, we can always move your lease dates around a bit to accommodate if you should come across a great flight deal on a whim, so be sure to lock in the car you want.

There is no need to smash into that piggy bank or pretty "europe fund" jar  - We've got you covered with all sorts of savings for short trips, long trips, and everyting in between.

So about the coupons - We've dedicated an area on popular coupon promo site "Retailmenot " which allows us to update quickly and enables others like yourself to share the info with friends and family as new promos come out. Check them out with the link below, you are bound to find one that fits your trip criteria.

Vehicle Specific Coupons


Expiration June 30, 2016 

(no blackout dates - travel dates any time 2016)

$275 COUPON DISCOUNT - Vehicle: Peugeot 2008 + 50% Off Location Fees

CODE: ACO662-2008

$330 COUPON DISCOUNT - Vehicle: Peugeot 308 and 308SW + 50% Off Location Fees

CODE: ACO662-308

$225 COUPON DISCOUT - Vehicle: Peugeot Partner Tepee+ 50% Off Location Fees


$375 COUPON DISCOUT - VEHICLE: Peugeot 3008 Rental + 50% Off Location Fees

CODE: ACO662-3008


 Rental Duration Specific Coupons 


10% Off Long Term Peugeot Lease-Retnal Over 90 Days


$100 Instant Coupon at Checkout on any Lease/Rental Over 21 Days in Length



Specials That Don't Require a Coupon


15% Off Short Term Peugeot Lease-Rental For Duration Under 20 Days In Length

25% Off Short Term Peugeot Lease-Rental For Duration Under 17 Days in Length


Auto France Peugeot Lease Rental Coupon Code Promo


 It can be frustrating to sort through bogus coupon codes online while planning a trip so if you get a chance, please do share them with others or write a note about them for us on the coupon page so others know they are the real deal!



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