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Auto France Peugeot Photo & Story Contest 2016 | Road Trips

A picture is worth 1000...

Well, Dollars in this case.

     About a year ago, we had asked for some of your pictures accompanied by good stories from the road. We wanted to show the world what it meant to drive a Peugeot around Europe. In return we offered you eternal fame and a chance at ONE of the FOUR prizes ($250.00 each) awarded to the best of the best as voted by our team. This year, we are at it again and we need your help! 

Here's how it works, in THREE steps:

1.  Go to SUBMIT YOUR STORY by September 9, 2016 and upload your favorite pic (or pics) and write a description of your experiences (150 word max).

2. We (Auto France Team) choose FOUR of our favorites and notify you by email or other various ways by September 16, 2016. (will be announced via social media for transparency)

3. We (Auto France Team) provide FOUR winners with coupon codes that can be applied to any upcoming 2016 or 2017 order (or retroactively - see FAQ).


Q. I already booked AND PAID, why should I send you pictures and a story?

A. Because you are awesome and so are we. AND because we will also deduct $250 from any previous order of 2016 even if your'e paid up to date and already leased or are leasing a car from us currently! Also - it is a blind vote and our office does not see who has or hasn't ordered yet.

Q. What are my chances to win, I never win stuff so what's the point?

A. First off all, you are guaranteed eternal fame just by entering and being posted to our website. Second of all - last year's stories were really great, but we only had about 50 submissions out of the thousands of customers! Not a mathematician but i'd say the odds are in your favor.

Get Inspired, Visit Some Stories Below...





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