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Get the post cards ready...introducing 14 day lease for the month of December!

 If you ask a group of travel junkies (term of endearment) what time of year is the best to travel, you’re bound to get all sorts of answers. Sure enough, it will vary by what location they are traveling to however you will have varying answers even if the location remains constant. Take our word for it, we hear opinions on this every day and at this point we consider it pure, scientific and empirical data. After all, our clients have average peugeot lease duration of 55 days which is well above the casual travelers' norm and surely should entitle an opinion on the matter. There is a point to this rant.

One request that seems to keep popping up for us is from our clients who wish to travel to France during the holiday season (December) in order to see family or just visit the beautiful Christmas markets  and ceremonies in Paris or any number of cities throughout Europe.  Regardless of your preference on time of year to travel, the holidays truly are a magical time for a visit, just not always the most convenient time to travel for a busy schedule. We have been working out a way to get you there.

We have found that the most common reason clients are unable to take a vehicle in December isn’t because they are not traveling, but because the travel duration is much shorter and it frankly is not cost effective to use a vehicle with a 3 week base price minimum.  Well fret not! We are introducing for the first time a 2 week lease for pickup in December ONLY.  Give it a shot and take a look at some of the prices for pickup in December and you will see why traveling to Europe for the holidays makes so much sense these days! 


by: Matthew Volpe

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