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2014 European Car Of The Year Peugeot 308

Facing 29 other highly competitive candidates, the NEW Peugeot 308 hatchback has come in with a big win for "Car of the Year" at the world renowned Geneva auto show! Ultimately, the choices were narrowed down to 7 nominees which included world brands BMW, Mercedes, Mazda, Citroen, Skoda, Tesla and of course Peugeot. Judging was tallied from 57 panelists representing 22 European countries. Each judge is allotted 25 points to be spread amongst all 7 nominees for which they are then given the opportunity to rate a vehicle (on various criteria) from 1-10. The results were noted as being a "Clear Win" for Peugeot having 307 total points leaving the second place BMW a solid car length away at 223 total points.

Interestingly, 2nd and 3rd place (BMW i3 and Tesla model S respectively) are full electric vehicle models which highlights the impressiveness of the NEW 308 in an era that fuel consumption, vehicle body design and overall efficiency weigh heavy on the hearts of judges.  Although the 308 is still in many respects the same sleek hatchback many have grown to love over the years of leasing with Auto France, the designers and engineers have truly outdone themselves in bringing Peugeot back to the forefront of innovation where the lion belongs.

For more interesting stats and figures on what makes the 308 stand out, check out the official “Car of the Year” website here:


by: Matthew Volpe

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